Apr 5 2010Clashing Titans Weekend's Most Popular Spectacle


Presenting: the weekend box office top five, like they do on the Today show.

1. Clash of the Titans - $61.4 million. Yet another big opening for star Sam Worthington, whoever he may be.

2. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? - $30.2 million. I haven't seen it, so no one spoil why Tyler Perry got married too.

3. How to Train Your Dragon - $29.2 million. Haven't seen this either, so also don't spoil how you train your dragon.

4. The Last Song - $16.2 million. But is it really the last song or is it like Final Fantasy, where we have at least a baker's dozen more to come?

5. Alice in Wonderland - $8.3 million. Also haven't managed to see this one, so don't spoil if 3-D is a worthwhile technology or a gimmick to turn the medium of film into an amusement park ride.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

Reader Comments

What the hell have you seen....

What do you have against amusement park ride simulations?

I think you need to change the title to I (Selectively) Watch Stuff.com. At this point you are just lying.

How about he changes the title to "IDon'tBotherToWatchShittyMovies.com"

Such whiny bitches in deez comments...

I heard "Titans" is actually really really really BAD!!! From more than once source....Yes....not getting my money.

I walked out well before Medusa made the appearance.

3-D my ass. I actually took my glasses off during the "scorpion scene" and that shit was a regular 2-D film. I paid for 3-D but it never showed up on screen.

I felt like an idiot for actually sitting through even 1 hour of Clash of the Titans.

Please don't bother with this "film"

I thought that Hannah Montana's Last Song would be raking in the cash, it was very well advertised months leading up to the premiere.

In my opinion, COTT seemed a bit rushed, all that epicness had to be condensed to fit in an hour and a half slot. For a film like this you were expecting something like LOTR storytelling length. The characters are supposed to go on some week long journey, and It felt like it all took place in 1 day,thus, you to learn little-no information about the characters.

There was not enough time with the Kraken, we definitely needed more of him!

Despite this,the visuals were excellent! The Avatar crowd will be entertained, but it's not all that worth it.

Yean, no, AIW 3D is a real artistic event.
Burton did a great job, no wonder the french love him.
See it in IMAX 3D
I hope Burton directs 'Maleficent' in 3D, also.

This film is a minor classic in fantasy film which circles with marvelous visually effects and youngsters will definitely love this film and for elders it will be some what frustrating but entertaining overall.

I was underwhelmed by "Titans". Quite underwhelmed.

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