Mar 19 2010Spike Jonze's Robo-Love Short Is Here


It's a great day for fans of Spike Jonze, robot emotion, and distilled spirits. Absolut Vodka has posted Spike Jonze's I'm Here short on internet, so you should watch that at some point. Just a warning: the site says you must above the legal drinking age to watch, so I'm guessing it's not safe for work, either for content or because the constant reminder of vodka will send you back into a shameful spiral of alcoholism, and that should probably be postponed until at least after 5.

Reader Comments

Says next viewing is in 29 min... and the timer isn't going down. Can you actually watch it on the site?

I have next viewing in 4h5m, what is this?

Once the timer is up (it doesnt appear to refresh on its own), X seats are opened, allowing those who load the page in that time to watch the film. Interesting concept, but really annoying.

I was about 3/4 of the way through the film when another app on my computer went nuts, and I had to reboot... returned to the site to watch the rest, and Oh hello! 4hr and 9min until the next showing. Sigh.

Is the film available anywhere else?

It's split into 3 parts. That was a nice short.

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That timer milarkey was a stewpot of molten balls. I'm sure it's all highly conceptual and presumably designed like this so that only people who really really care about watching robots in love will watch it (as opposed to just flicking it on, getting bored and turning it off) but surely the whole point of the internet is to get access to content NOW NOW NOW! I demand that my ridiculous demands be met this instant!

I thought the movie was pretty cool. But it made me wonder what that chick was up to that she got in so many fuckin accidents.

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