Mar 9 2010Our Best Supporting Actor Parodying an Internet Meme

This is the new order of things.

(If you just upgraded to a modem, watch this first. And thanks, Brianna.)

Reader Comments

This is why he won.
Everything else is invalid

He is amazing, only Quentin Tarantino would think to use an unknown German actor in such a demanding role such as Hans Landa.

He's actually Austrian. He already bitched at Regis for calling him German. But yes, he is amazing.

That crap is pretty brilliant. Hadn't seen that other video before. Just proof that people were insane before the inventions of webcams and youtube.

I am from Austria and these are the facts: His passport says he is Austrian, but he has been living and working in Germany for years. His dialect in Basterds is very Austrian, zhough.
Besides, he had his breakthrough in 1996, portraying the lead in a TV-biopic about the beloved German schmaltzy crooner Roy Black and that performance showed already his greatness.

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