Mar 16 2010Of Course Jason Segel Will Be in the Muppet Movie


Ever since it was announced the Forgetting Sarah Marshall team of Jason Segel and Nick Stoller were writing the new Muppet movie, you just assumed Segel would take the part of "affable human character" in this thing, right? Yeah, me too. Turns out: not confirmed! Now it is, though. The Hollywood Reporter asserts J.S. will indeed be the token human amongst the puppet freaks. So that's one long-held belief finally corroborated. Your move, God.

Reader Comments

Isn't it bad enough that he's WRITING the next Muppet movie - must he actually appear in it as well? Consider my childhood destroyed. KABOOOOOOOOOOOM.

This guy looks like he constantly has B.O.

@the pope He does, but he makes it funny.

Man, so now if kids decide to google him they're gonna find his wang... now thats some drama just waiting to happen

Have none of you seen his Dracula bit? I think he fits the role, he seems to take it serious enough, anyway.

He wants to get back to the more adult humor of the 60s, 70s & 80s and away from the Disney era of Muppets. I welcome the return of adult focused humor in my Muppets. If you want child friendly Muppets then watch Seaseme Street.
Thank you Jason Segel for trying. Now good luck!

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