Mar 22 2010New, Notable Actors/Cars Coming to 'Transformers 3'


On his Bay Blog, Transformers director Michael Bay has revealed...

Which reputable actors will mar their careers with a Transformers sequel appearance!

Which expensive Italian sports car will trans-form into a robot warrior!

On the talent front, we just locked in Frances McDormand and John Malkovich. Both amazing actors I've always wanted to work with. We also just got Ken Jeong, he is the super funny actor stuck in the trunk from “Hangover” and the Doctor from “Knocked Up.”

I also was at a Ferrari charity event this week raising money for a hospital being built by Ferrari in Haiti. I announced that night the newest Autobot to join Transformers: the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Well, at least he's figured out a way to add a hilarious Jersey guido caricature to his Transformers-as-racial-stereotypes arsenal. I'm pretty sure if we give him a few more movies--some time to add a greedy Jewish Decepticon, a transforming boat named "Wetback," a Chinabot--we'll finally start to understand that all those robots clanging around are actually thoughtful allegory about race relations.

Reader Comments

I guess Frances McDormand needs to eat, too.

If anyone reading this is interested in seeing Frances McDormand in a REAL movie with REAL characters that are interesting, check out "Fargo".

If you're only interested in stupid, random action scenes, with loud explosions and bright, shiny things, then all means check out the next Transformers flick.

"...A boat named Wetback", I lol'd.

It's gotta be Hot Rod. Can't wait!

You know it's a quality movie when the car that's going to be in it is as hyped as the actors.

Who cares?
Give us Ultra Magnus


Fargo, you say? Never heard of it. When does it come out? /s

Yeah well stereotypes exist for a reason.... Go polish all of your 28th place trophies

lmao IWS!

Whats with all the old people? What are they gonna do, hit decepticons with their canes?

@ #6 Fargo was released a while ago it a Coen bro's film :D it awsome (it got best picture at oscars i think Correct me if im wrong)

Here trailer lol

They already fucked up future movies by creating a humanoid female bot in episode two, and then not carrying on that theme.

I mean, that is obviously the future of Transformers. A bunch of Slut Bots walking around, and passing digital VD to the human world. We'd have robots named ...RimJob, Anal-Eze, Three Eyed Turtle, Cowgirl, Gagbot....etc etc.

We are totally going backwards here by reemphasizing the fucking cars.

I agree with Gorilla's astute critical analysis.

It would help the narrative a great deal if they threw in some slutbots. Right now the story is hopelessly broken. Send in the Gorilla script doctor!

Oh yeah, I totally have to go see Transformers 3! Because 1 and 2 were so great!

Oh boy, a new Transformers movie? This brings up so many questions!

How will the Obama administration irrationally endanger the world in the next installment?

What as-yet unexplored bodily function will the Ferrari demonstrate?

Do ya suppose Ken Jeong might put on an... accent?

Also, I gotta question for Gorilla Pimp Slap. Call me sexually inexperienced, but what the heck is a three-eyed turtle?

A Lamborghini robot I could understand, but a Ferrari?

What does it transform into, a supermodel?

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