Mar 3 2010Guy Who Sent 'Hurt Locker' Spam Doesn't Get To Attend Oscars


Nicolas Chartier, that fool producer who, in violation of Academy rules, sent out an email asking voters to choose his film over an unnamed "$500 million film", can cancel his reservation at Tuxedo World. The BBC reports that, despite his apology, the Hurt Locker producer will not be allowed to attend the gala event.

In response to the ruling, Chartier said, "That's a fair punishment for my ignorant actions. However, I do hope you'll allow my twin sister Nicoletta, whom I look nearly identical to and have never been seem in the same room with, to go in my stead. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to visit my brother Harvey Fierstein."

Reader Comments

I haven't seen Avatar yet but I did see The Hurt Locker. Honestly I wasn't as wowed by it as everyone else seems to be.

ha ha, guy's got a sense of humor...

(or a badly veiled but awesome plan.... )

IWS guy - score one for your token ironic detached humor being misinterpreted as Hollywoodelite having a sense of ironic detached sense of humor.

Thanks, Hal. I think?

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