Experience What Conan O'Brien Saw Every Night for a Month

March 23, 2010


After watching that claymation Evil Dead remake, I was reminded of those stop-motion Christmas specials Late Night with Conan O'Brien made and briefly looked around the internet shelves for them. I didn't see them, but I did find this better thing: a wide-eyed Conan O'Brien effigy awkwardly replicating all of the host's trademark physical gags as he responds to unheard sounds on his starkly-lit stage. It's most likely the nightmare Conan had every night during the whole Tonight Show uproar, and now you can experience it yourself:

Well done, Sarah. I genuinely love that.

Also, now that I've posted this, The Shining cuckoo clock, and that quirky Czech toy film, I promise I'm done posting Jan ҆vankmajer-like things. Unless they're as awesome as all those things.

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