Mar 31 2010Alright ONE More 'Iron Man 2' Poster: Black Widow Being Sexy in Her Traditional Denim Jumpsuit


From ComingSoon, here's the new poster of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow those of you attending San Francisco's WonderCon can pick up at Booth #242 while supplies last. If they've run out by the time you get there, don't fret: tomorrow morning, you'll also be able to find copies of the poster crumpled and disgraced in the dumpster behind the nearby Best Western.

Reader Comments

Her digitally increased breatseses are the reason Photoshop was created.

and I'm spent…

Oh yeah!!! She's on my list for sure!!!

Looks like a girl playing dress up doing a little cosplay.

Denim Dan.


so shopped.

in mother russia, denim wears you!

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