Tarantino Wants To Make a 'Southern'

February 15, 2010


Like a Western, but in the South! And with slavery!

Tarantino told the NY Daily News:

I'd like to do a Western. But rather than set it in Texas, have it in slavery times. With that subject that everybody is afraid to deal with. Let's shine that light on ourselves. You could do a ponderous history lesson of slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad. Or, you could make a movie that would be exciting. Do it as an adventure. A spaghetti Western that takes place during that time. And I would call it 'A Southern.

Honestly, I think this sounds like a pretty good idea, and a film American needs. We try to avoid the subject so much, it's about time a mainstream filmmaker forces us to finally have a discussion about how cool it would be if Samuel L. Jackson were this badass Blaxploitation-style slave who kills rich Southern plantation owners with an axe.

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