Feb 9 2010Now That No One Cares Anymore: '24: The Motion Picture'


Time to find out how heroic Jack Bauer can be given 22 hours less time! Variety is reporting that 24 is in the early stages of development for a feature film adaptation that would give Kiefer Sutherland barely enough time to meet the President, save a kidnapped scientist/relative, and have a stand-off with a terrorist:

Twentieth Century Fox's film and TV studios are conspiring to finally bring hit television series "24" to the bigscreen.

The film side has hired scribe Billy Ray ("State of Play," "Flightplan") to pen the script for the feature version.

Ray's pitch, which takes Jack Bauer to Europe, was a hit with Fox execs and producers of the high-concept television series.

Insiders cautioned that a "24" feature is still very much in the preliminary stages. There are a number of factors influencing how quickly it moves ahead, including the fate of the TV show.

This seems like it's starting to become a real trend lately. How many more television shows will I find out are still on the air when I hear someone's making a movie?

Reader Comments

This could actually be really sweet, but only if done right.

And right, in this case, means an R rating.

Then and only then will the 24 movie be worth while. Otherwise we'll just be watching some crappy The Sentinel retread. And I don't know if any of you have seen State of Play, but that shit SUCKED.

Will they call it "2"?

Sorry, I had to.

Gee, the 13th highest rated show and you didn't know it was still on the air? Maybe the site should be called " I watch some stuff but have no clue about anything else"

@3 HA!

3 right

I actually gotta agree with #3, seems a bit strange to think it wasn't still on the air. :D

Season 7 was actually a step back in the right direction towards its original gold(1-3 were amazing, 4-6 just... oh god, so bad), so maybe they can do something decent with the movie. The TV Movie(Redemption) that wasa prequel to season 7 was actually pretty good. Not having to worry about their gimmick helped a lot(which while it worked well as a novel method of approaching the fully fleshed out first season, has of course become far too out of whack for suspension of disbelief in later seasons).

Dude, Jack Bauer is dead: http://www.cleveland.com/obituaries/index.ssf/2010/02/jack_f_bauer_was_a_sailing_cha.html

State of Play the movie sucked, but State of Play the TV show ruled. Take a hint, 24.

This show was only bullshit republican propaganda to foster a climate of fear and anxiety so Bush could get away with whatever he wanted. Fuck Fox and everyone who encourages them. They even reduced the Simpsons to Bush-era apologists.

@10 Have you even seen the show? I'm not really sure why people always say its republican propoganda except for the fact thats what a few random idiots with a grudge against the show and network have told them. Every heroic political character is a democratic stereotype, and it's only prominent politician that was clearly a republican was a villianous president that was pure Nixon.

@10....If he had watched the show he would have known that 24 had a black president long before anyone knew what a Barack or an Obama was. The difference was that President Palmer on 24 was actually a good president that didn't just talk a big game, he actually got things done.

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