Feb 19 2010More Tarantino Posters -- In That Minimalist Style That's All the Rage!


Following up those artist-created posters for Inglourious Basterds, here's another from Ibraheem Youssef that gives a wink to the film's crucial Chun-Li-style "3" moment.

Want more? There are more. There's a whole Tarantino movie set:

reservoir-dogs-poster.jpg pulp-fiction-poster.jpg kill-bill-1-poster.jpg kill-bill-2-poster.jpg jackie-brown-poster.jpg death-proof-poster.jpg

Bonus L.D.:


If you want one of these hanging over your cat treehouse, buy one for as little as a $32 bill.

Reader Comments

i'd hit it

Each of these portrays infinity more creativity and talent than Tarantino himself.

I like these things because a lot of the time you have to think about them for a second. Although I don't get the Jackie Brown one. Need to watch that movie again apparently.

i don't want to sound like the classic "i knew bruce willis was dead all along" guy, but i had a feeling it had to do with the 3 fingers before it happened.

wow, these really suck. sorry . totally cliche, way too obvious.

These are great! I want the Kill Bill Vol. 1 one.

How could these not involve someone licking a foot?

On the one hand you seem to not like them but on the other hand your link qualifies as a clickthrough.

You're calling them "all the rage" but it looks like this dude' been making these forever and it also looks like it's all he's ever done.

Look I like the site but IM NOT BUYING ANYTHING OK

Hey! Really cool interpretation. Great job and strictly minimalistic. I also did a bunch of minimal movie poster remakes. Check them out: http://stuff24.de/blog/10-minimalistic-alternative-movie-poster/ Feel free to comment! Cheers

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