Mickey Rourke Probably Conan's Dad

February 24, 2010


Conan's dad may have a weirdly-reconstructed face? That makes sense.

Mickey Rourke is in negotiations to play Conan’s father in Lionsgate’s “Conan” movie.

Marcus Nispel is directing the pic, which being produced by Nu Image/Millenium Films and sees Jason Momoa playing the barbarian warrior created by Robert E. Howard.

The story sees Conan embark on a quest to avenge the slaughter of his people including his father, Corin.

Rourke, who had been tipped off to play the father by website Latino Review in January, was offered the role, but dealmaking fell apart. The two sides came back to the table in the last couple of weeks.

Recently-cast Conan Jason Momoa must feel the same way anyone who learns Mickey Rourke is their father feels. "Shit, Mickey Rourke is my father!"

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