Feb 3 2010'H. Potter' & 'Clash of Titan' Officially in Three Dimensions


Boy wizards and clashing titans are going to BURST OUT OF THE SCREEN and INTO YOUR SIGHT ORBS. Warner Bros. has confirmed rumors that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Clash of the Titans will be given the Captain EO stereoscopic 3D treatment for more exciting viewing through cheap plastic glasses.

The rushed conversion of Titans--which is still aiming for an April 2 release--will be made by Prime Focus, using the company's View-D (catchy!) technology, a process insiders are describing as "so-so"!

One experienced [stereoscopic]3D filmmaker called Prime Focus' first public showing of View-D "so-so" but added, "I'm sure if Warner Bros. is going with them it will be excellent quality."

So, it's adequate at best but probably fine if a huge company is paying for it. What an endorsement. Those Clash of the Titans giant scorpion things are going to look so so-so!

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seriously? harry potter in 3D? they make 6 normal films and just decide that the last and most important one should be different?
i don't know why this kind of news keeps shocking me. i should understand that hollywood will always disappoint me.

I guess it'll be an option. I'll sure as hell be watching it in 'regular D' for fear of my eyeball falling out of my head into a dark cinema

3D can S my D.

I would definitely not miss this 3D Harry Potter... Hope it will pursue...

damn right this can s my d, i was kind of a little bit looking forward to titans, minus sam worthington, but if its only gonna be 3d then fuck no, they better offer a 2d version as well. what the fuck is up with studios these days? they think we like this distracting shit flying out at us for 2 and a half hours? stop it!!!!!!

i'm more excited for Clash of the Titians :0

uh why the fuck do they wear so many layers of clothing?

Wow, this is fucked. Despite having some effects and action sequences, Harry Potter is mostly in the suspense/drama side of stories. There are a lot of scenes of talking and interpersonal drama, or action that, while exciting, it would be hard to call "spectacle." I mean how much would a wand battle or infiltrating the Ministry of Magic benefit from 3D? This just means they're going to throw a bunch of extraneous action scenes and overdo all the camerawork to justify the expensive addition of this superfluous technology.

As for Titans, while that is an all-out effects-fest that deserves 3D, they should have done that from the beginning. I don't trust 3D-ification, that's what they did on Piranha 3D, and the trailer for that looked awful (visually speaking. I mean, everything else looked awful too, but that's neither here nor there).

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