Feb 8 2010Films That Gave Us 'Bennifer (II)' and 'Brangelina' Getting Rebooted


That's right, Hollywood is going to take another stab at Daredevil and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the films with such sexually arousing flirt-fighting that the actors were helpless to resist becoming actual celebrity couples.

Deadline Hollywood has the story on Daredevil, explaining that the rights to the character will revert back to Marvel unless Fox cranks out another shit film every few years. Thus, the studio has hired on the writer of The Day the Earth Stood Still (Keanu Edition) to craft a script that will attempt to wash the flavor of Mark Steven Johnson's 2003 effort from our braintongues.

Meanwhile, a Mr. and Mrs. Smith reboot with all-new Mr. and Mrs. is also reportedly happening. Not exactly a remake, the new film would "serve as an origin story about a similar but differently named couple, showing how a pair of twentysomething spies are set up as a fake married couple when they graduate agency training." All the natural Leap Year comedy of a pretending-to-be-married odd-couple scenario plus sexy action! And of course, to make it a proper reboot, I assume producers are already at work figuring out a way for the new cast to somehow bring another drawn-out public misery to Jennifer Aniston.

Should be interesting to find out if these gambles will pay off: will audiences of 2011 be able to digest the archaic, bygone concepts of 2003 to 2005?

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it's about GOT-DAMN time they redid the damn daredevil.. he should have never been played by affleck!.. he should have been played by guy pierce from the beginning.. and if they were going to have ninja's please CG them in? ninja's are suPPOSED to be " akin to a phantom and ethereal in their singlemindedness". (i made that up) and they shouldn't even resemble some dudes brought in off the streets for a stand-in punch. i say give me the damn frank miller daredevil from the 80's and they HAVE to have stick.

Ok, as i have posted before... "what is with all these reboots recently? its like Hollywood just discovered this 'magic undo button' and they seem to just use it at any chance they get..." the movie messes up once, or wasnt exactly what was expected, and they just decide to restart the whole thing (*cough* spider man*cough*) without a second thought!

Like as if people are SO stupid, with attention spans less than a few years to notice. Its bad enough that they're already remaking every 'old' movie ever made; they have to remake something that's not even a decade old? GOD!

Just please make with the action and don't do another retelling of his origin. Maybe just assume that the first film happened and have the kingpin get out of jail and send some classic daredevil baddies after the man in red. But just a scene or two with kingpin. Maybe throw in Stiltman or Leapfrog. Have a quick crossover with Spidey appearing in a scene or maybe Moonknight.

More remakes? Studios are practically ethereal in their singlemindedness.

Seriously? Has Hollywood completely run out of original ideas?

Off topic: any plans on getting a facebook page together?

I don't know. Should I be getting a Facebook page together?

@Mark: Fuck yes! Because you're funny.

I suppose the @Mark was unnecessary. Oh well.

Daredevil could use the treatment same as the Hulk. Rebooting comic book movies that need it isn't a bad thing, though it would be nice if they didn't fuck them to hell and back to begin with. (Though it also requires saying they really shouldn't reboot the movies that don't need it, like Spider-man.) When all is said and done, the more that Marvel has active control over the better.

As for Mr. and Mrs. Smith... what the hell? ... Why? A half century old franchise receiving a competent rendition like with many comic book films is all well and good, but does Mr. and Mrs. Smith really need a tokyo drift treatment?

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