Feb 9 2010Christopher Nolan Becomes Leader of Superman Mentorship Program


Ever since Bryan Singer's Superman Returns didn't create the kind of Superman-as-a-2006-Halloween-costume buzz they wanted it to, Warner Bros. has been sitting on their hands not knowing what to do with the franchise. Let Bryan Singer make a mediocre sequel? Start it over again? Just let it sit in the closet with your cargo pants and rock tumbler?

At last, they've come to a decision: pass it off on someone else and ask, "Hey, can you maybe do something with this?"

Deadline Hollywood is reporting Christopher Nolan, the man who rescued Batman from the Pee Wee's Playhouse-level camp, has been asked to join the project in a "godfather" role. What does that mean, aside from Nolan probably doing at least one Brando impression? I have no idea. But at least now no one can claim Warner Bros. isn't doing anything with one of their most valuable characters. They're totally moving forward! Look, they just created a fictional "godfather" position and assigned someone to that! A finished film can't be far behind.

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Nolan's pose: 'Maybe I really *am* the next Kubrick...(blushes)"

And we get close to the Superman/Batman movie seen in _I, Legend_

er,, I Am Legend... the other one was a vampire comic book in the 70's I think. =j

don't take your eye off the ball Chris... stick 110% attention on Batman 3 pls, thank u

I'm possibly the only one who enjoyed Superman Returns.

#6 you're not alone

People've complained that it was nothing but a redo of the old movies but 'with special effects' I say that it was nice to actually see superman flying without an obvious green-screen behind him.

6 and 7. I agree about the special effects, but they can also create a better story for Superman. Superman has a baby, how lame. Is the sequel going to be Superman driving a minivan and changing diapers with super speed? The studios need to start following the comics and bring in Darkseid.

@5: Seconded. I can live with a batman trilogy, but not a batman duo. Especially with a downer ending! I want to see Robin, Catwoman, and Riddler. I want it so bad.

you gotta take supes off world if you want any measure of success.

You have to include real villains! Brainiac... Eradicator... Doomsday... Darkseid... fucking Mister Mxyzptlk for all I care... just no more Lex Luthor and his goddam real estate schemes.

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