Jan 11 2010Stuart Townsend Must Be a Real Jerk To Work With


Stuart Townsend--the actor once famously replaced at the last minute by Viggo Mortensen, denying him the chance to become a Lord of a Ring--has once again been ripped from a potentially blockbuster franchise. Under the typically-vague umbrella of "creative differences," Townsend has left his role in Kenneth Branagh's Thor adaptation:

Townsend had been cast as Fandral, an ally of Norse god Thor. He was replaced by Joshua Dallas, according to the two sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record. The cast change came as production was about to begin. Shooting starts Monday on the movie directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Well, at least now he has time for his usual role: that Irish guy who sometimes stands around Charlize Theron.

Reader Comments

The movie's that he's not in are always better than the ones that he actually is in.

The Pope speaks the truth. I cannot name a movie he's been in. And I can name a lot of movies.

Thor will still fuck. Verily.

The Pope does make a fair observation. Then again he's frequently in Charlize Theron, and she's great.

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