Pregnancy Self-Help Book Becoming Romantic-Comedy Pregnant with Couples

January 15, 2010


Because the upcoming overstuffed romantic-comedy Valentine's Day just doesn't have quite enough leads with the half-dozen or so couples stuffed into its romance cavity, Lionsgate has acquired the feature rights to What To Expect When You're Expecting, and plans to develop it into a comedy depicting "the relationships of seven couples as they experience the thrills, terrors, surprises, aches, and pains of preparing for parenthood."

Nine-months-pregnant (relevant womb information!) Heather Hach--the screenwriter of the latest Freaky Friday adaptation, who, oof, is currently working on an imaginative sequel she dreamed up, Freaky Monday--has been signed to draft the screenplay.

As for the casting, nothing has been announced, but how about:

Drew Barrymore, Josh Duhamel, that woman with the high pitched-voice from Will & Grace, Alan Alda, Uma Thurman, Amanda Seyfried, Will Arnett, a black couple of which only one will be at all a notable name (LL Cool J?), Luke Wilson, Katherine Heigl, Vince Vaughn, someone from Sex and the City, Bradley Cooper (obviously), Cameron Diaz, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Garner, Hugh Grant/Colin Firth (either/both), and a dog couple for comic relief? That seems like just the mixture of bloated rom-com mainstays and people-who-you-don't-really-expect-but-could-easily-see-sinking-to-this for surefire forgettable success! Just draw the names from a hat to couple them together; any non-traditional age/sex combinations will be mistaken for thought-out representation of the diversity of modern couples.

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