Jan 8 2010French Remake of 'Star Wars'

Man, they just knocked it out of the park. Plus, now we know the bizarre inspiration behind Prince's Batdance.


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This looks like something Tim & Eric would do. uh-mazing.

This is why I hate interpretive dance.

Morganzola, you say that as if someone in the history of the world said they didn't hate interpretive dance.

WOW...the FAIL is strong with them...

Wow, I watch most of the stuff you post, IWS writer, but that... was utterly unwatchable.

... but it's still better than the Phantom Menace.

I'm now flashing back to when I was a little girl and hadn't seen Star Wars yet (but had my brother's abandoned Star Wars action figures) and made Cloud City Leia fall in love with C390 because Pilot Suit Luke and Hoth Han Solo looked ugly.

I think I also lost the plastic accessories that went with them, except the snake that Yoda had.

Was this made in the 70's? Just wondering from the hairstyles and clothes at the beginning...btw, this is a Galactic Fail.


alright, not really...

2 parts Twyla Tharp on meth + 1 part high school A / V club = this abortion.

I bet the Japanese are so mad over the fact that they didn't come up with this first. Also, was Darth Vader a woman?

Hi Guy's,
I think I also lost the plastic accessories that went with them, except the snake that Yoda had.

...what the hell did I just watch there?

On a side note; wouldn't it be somewhat cool if Darth Vader could actually fly?

It HAS been made in the 70's. The man on the left in the beginning of the presentation (the one with blond hairs) is Claude François ("My Way", remember ?). The other guy is Michel Drucker, French TV legend.


Even made in the 70's, the stuff is just ... embarrassing... Ahahaha.

lol wut?

That's 4 minutes of my life I could not have spent doing anything better.

Yup, that proves it. All the world's greatest dancers are French alright.

...My Brain just exploded...

That was so awesomely bad that I am immediately compelled to share with everyone in my email listings..

I like how it has all the best parts from Star Wars, like the bit where Darth Vader and C-3PO have that secret sparkling handshake.

I... don't understand...
WTF did I just watch !?!?!?!

Why did we save them in WW2...

I didn't realize C-3PO could fly.

knowing what we now know (and, unfortunately, cannot forget) about c3p0's origins, this is extra surreal. it is almost as if those two french dudes predicted the strong, homosexual attachment between vader and 3p0 that would much later become undeniable fact.

Wow, there's something to double-feature with that Star Wars Christmas thing. I only managed to watch the first 2 minutes before my brain squeezed itself out my left eye socket and ran away, and I'm glad it's gone, because now I can't remember watching that.... thingy. Was it any good?

so freaking hiliarious I can barely contain myself.

This my friends is why french art no longer rules the world. C'est LAME!

LOL @ 24

Yeah...my brain matter oozed out of my ears after a minute watching that.

...but I definitely AM grateful for now knowing the inspiration behind Prince's Batdance video. My soul is at peace.

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