Jan 14 2010Captain America Movie Totally Going To Blow Your Mind! It's SO REAL


So claims director Joe Johnston:

It's not going to be a Captain America that you expect. It's something different. It is influenced by the comic book, but it goes off in a completely different direction. It's the origin story of Captain America. It's mostly period—there are modern, present-day bookends on it—but it's basically the story of how Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. The great thing about Captain America is he's a super hero without any super powers. Which is why this story, among the hundreds of superhero stories, appealed to me the most. He can't fly, he can't see through walls, he can't do any of that stuff. He's an everyman who's been given this amazing gift of transformation into the perfect specimen—the pinnacle of human perfection. How does that affect him? What does that mean for him emotionally and psychologically? He was this 98-pound weakling, he was this wimp, and he's transformed instantly into this Adonis. You'd think he got everything he wanted. Well, he didn't get everything he wanted. The rules change at that point and his life gets even more complicated and dire. For me, that's the interesting part of the story. It's got some great action sequences in it and some incredible stuff that we've never seen before. But at the heart of it, it's a story about this kid, who all he wants to do is fit in. This thing happens and he still doesn't fit in. And he has to prove himself a hero—essentially go AWOL to save a friend. Eventually at the very end, I don't want to give away too much, but he does fit in. But it's the journey of getting him there that's interesting. And it's a lot of fun.

In summary, Captain America is basically that sitcom plot where the nerdy teen gets to be friends with the popular kids but in the end defects to help out the old nerdy friend who liked them before they were cool, which ends up making them more genuine and, somehow, cooler.

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his last paragraph had me cringing. Is he in 9th grade, or think people are on a 2nd grade reading level?

oh man, please let this guy be steve rogers.
just look how well he's "calibrated":


Did these guys not SEE the first godawful CA movie? In that one he f's up his first time out. Why can't anyone make a movie about a superhero who is a superhero?!!?
Here's the deal with Captain America:
1) he was always super patriotic and wanted to serve his country
2) when he becomes the only super soldier America has, he takes it on
3) he has a voice and a presence that can command a God (and does) (thank you Frank Miller)
4) he is the most kick-ass fighter (esp against large groups) on the planet

THAT'S IT! That's all you need to know. He does NOT "need to fit in"! (needing to fit in is not high on the list of great attributes for a leader or a superhero.)
He does not need to "prove himself". His goal is to do what is right and protect America. Period. End of mission.
Now, is that so frakkin hard to understand? Read a comic book, movie directors!!!! (and writers and producers).

I don't like the sound of this. He'd better not "Ang Lee" Captain America or I'm gonna be a saaaaad panda

wow, you hit the nail on the head as to how the plot will surely go.

how incredibly Fing lame!

Here is a guy in my opinion made for this movie. Shon Lange has the back story from the odd childhood weakling to the air force special opps which transformed him into the physical real human character he is today. I urge everyone interested in the new Cap movie to check this guy out; Shon Lange will blow you away and win over your hearts as a new up and coming actor to play the role of Captain America. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9z8kF3jwFY

For more information on Shon Lange,
contact Lucciano @ Industry415 Creative www.industry415.com

"It's not going to be a Captain America that you expect. It's something different. It is influenced by the comic book, but it goes off in a completely different direction." ARRGGHHH! Why would ANYONE think this is a good idea?!? You can't try something "new" if we've never seen the old, so how about you try a nice FAITHFUL adaptation first and see how everyone likes it?

I thought once Marvel created their own studio, they would hire people who actually liked the characters AS WRITTEN. But instead we're dealing with the same Hollywood knuckleheads, trying to put their own "spin" on everything...

Thanks for the info, Shon! I'm sure you'd do a good job.

I stopped reading at the "superhero without super powers" part. So he doesn't have laser beam eyes they are going to pretend the whole super soldier thing doesn't count as a power? Really?

Jesus Christ, I want to hurt someone so bad. Captain America isn't an angsty teenager or a "regular guy", he's a goddamn top of the line hardcore soldier. Why are they making him sound like Peter Parker? Maybe, *MAYBE* I'd give them some level of Forever Young-waking-up-in-the-future drama as per The Ultimates. But really... does anyone really want to see anything but Cap beat the crap out of some Nazis including Red Skull, beat the crap out of some commies also oddly including Red Skull, then beat the crap out of some random terrorists or something(masterminded by Red Skull)?

This reminds me of when Urkel transformed himself into a cool guy.

I thought they already started making it. This trailer looks pretty convincing:


-->Cap beat the crap out of some Nazis including Red Skull<---


nail on the head , post #3 !

nail on the mutha effin head!

shut up u faggots

This is so tone deaf it can't be real. However, if you don't count SM 1&2, Marvel studios only has Iron Man to brag about. The others were pretty much crap.

whats wrong with the captain america i come to expect??

So it be like that hulk movie nobody likes to remember. Yay. F-U hollywood.

Yet another twat director who thinks his 3rd grade fantasy is still wicked cool. What a fucking joke. Can we just burn Hollywood and start over? Also New York, while we're at it.

It's something different. It is influenced by the comic book, but it goes off in a completely different direction.

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