OMG! Jacob Werewolf Might Be Max Steel!

December 4, 2009


Taylor Lautner, the Twilight sub-hunk whose shirtless torso you've probably seen more than your own in the last few months, may be entering yet another franchise that sounds terrible. The LA Times has news that the Down syndrome-faced teen is being considered for the lead in Max Steel:

Lautner would play Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme-sports athlete who is accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological machines, which become part of him and (in the old show, at least) give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance.

If I ever go back in time and become a 10-year-old in 1992 again, I can't wait to see this totally radical movie! I hope this awesome character also likes neon shorts as much as I do!

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