Dec 4 2009'Kick-Ass' Poster Has So Many Lens Flares


I used to have a poster like this when I was a kid. Except it was just the car--no superhero--and instead of "Red Mist" it said "awesome." Because the car was really awesome. And that's why Scholastic book order forms had the best wall decor options.

Check out the new KICK-ASS character poster featuring McLovin as The Red Mist!!! [AICN]

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I'm so happy his career has extended beyond McLovin...

I like the lens flares but them I'm old enough to remember real films.

DESIGN RULE OF THUMB: Lens flare ALWAYS make stuff look expensive. ALWAYS. So many bosses have told me this non-ironically. I'm McLovin' that this movie's aesthetic is looking like a Takashi Miike superhero movie parody (Ichi the Killer or Zebraman or Gattaman).

k, now I KNOW youre canadian..

Yeah, Mr. Furious! I was hoping The Shoveler would be first, but this is awesome. "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..."


very satisfed, bought quickly, and received it even more quickly, I would buy again

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