Dec 15 2009'Inception' Poster: Leonardo DiCaprio Needs To Change Pants


"Hey, you all liked that last Christopher Nolan movie, right? That one with a bat-man? Well, here's another Christopher Nolan movie that depicts the back of a weapon-wielding man in the middle of a city street! Maybe this is a new Batman movie! We won't say one way or the other; you decide. We're just saying there's this new movie with the back of a man with a weapon in the middle of a street, and Christopher Nolan directed it, and last time that happened it was The Dark Knight. So you do the math."

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I know this is stupid nit picking, but that city street is supposed to be downtown L.A. except they've thrown the buildings around like they were jumbling around an erector set.

So I haven't seen the 'The Dark Knight' poster in awhile and I can't right now because google won't open, but like it says, it's pretty much a copy. All they did was airbrush the clown face for dicaprio's, or photoshopped, whichever. So yea, when they are that similar i'd say go ahead and nit pick.

Well, 2 for 2 in really handsome actors in a Nolan film who are too good to look at me. Even in the wish fulfillment land of the cineplex. WHY DO YOU HATE ME LEONARDO DiCAPRIO? LOOK AT ME! DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME!

On second glance, I kinda like what this poster's saying. Its all like "Hey Leo, I'm drowing here, and you're just standing there... a little help?" This is not your mom's Leo in TITANIC, who'll die for you while you lay on a piano (? - my memory's hazy...) this is JOKER Leo who'll probably challenge your preconceived notions of morality with his anarchistic actions... or at least have a twin brother or something.

Why so amphibious?

And I'm totally calling him Leon from now on.

So is this a blog about poster graphics or movies? cuz all i see is just posts about poster designs..

don't mess with the Nolan!

Hope this movie will also rule the charts like the
Dark Knight. From the tag it looks like this will
be the movie on crime.

yea, i hope Chris Nolan's not running out of creativity. This poster is recycled from the Joker Dark Knight poster. Same lense filter too.

I have faith in Nolan though.. he just needs to becareful in being redundant. It's what he was afraid of when talking about Batman 3. Lets hope he finds a good plot for it.

I'm pretty sure Nolan has nothing to do with the design of this poster.

But, damn, it does have uncanny written all over it.

Great one, pope.

I don't get Nolan. I like "gritty". Sin City was amazing. But Nolan takes "gritty" and throws it like a sledge hammer. It's like riding on the New York subway in real life - it's not fun, and it's not escapist. It's just disturbing. There's nothing fun about it.

morons...... Directors have nothing to do with marketing......

You like Sin City, and yet Nolan overdoes gritty? Come on, Sin City is gritty taken to the level of parody.

As for the poster, is that the font from Chicago?

I guess I'm biased towards Frank Miller. "The Dark Knight Returns" was sacred text when I was in college. His writing, along with an amazing performance from Micky Roarke, really made Sin City an enjoyable movie for me.

"I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball" is one of the best movie lines ever.

I simply don't enjoy Nolan movies. They are depressing, dour, and there is very little (if any) comic relief. They also are pretty damned boring to me. Ledger did a heroic effort with the Joker character - but they took all the fun out of it. Yes, Joker is a psychopath, but there is also supposed to be some degree of levity and comedy. But all we get from Nolan is 100% somber darkness.

The Dark Knight was a great film and accomplishment for Nolan, i look forward to seeing this film and how Dicaprio's acting talents continue to develop. He's come a hell of a long way since Titanic!

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