Dec 4 2009'Harvey' Spared Unnecessary Remake... For Now


Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs, one episode of Columbo) can get back to pretending he's going to make his long talked-about Lincoln biopic. According to Variety, the director has abandoned plans to make a new film based on Harvey, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play first adapted as a Jimmy Stewart vehicle in 1950, due largely to actor conflicts:

Spielberg’s first choice was Tom Hanks, but the actor who is often regarded as a modern day Stewart wanted no part of taking over a role played by the iconic star. Spielberg and Fox spent several months courting Robert Downey Jr. While the star didn’t commit, he made suggestions on rewrites of the Jonathan Tropper script. He and Spielberg never found themselves in creative sync on the script, and the director finally called the whole thing off.

Phew. I hate the idea of a new generation first being exposed to a classic like Harvey as only a 2011 Steven Spielberg/Robert Downey Jr. film. Better they not be exposed to it whatsoever because "black and white movies are for grandpas and French homos."

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"French Homo Grandpas in a Van". Scariest/best gay porn rape fantasy movie ever.

that film is perfect....should not be touched


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