Yet Another Movie Poster You Won't Believe Is Real (But It Is!)

November 19, 2009


Like Old Dogs, Crazy on the Outside is one of those rare, terminal illness-style films that shows up seemingly out of nowhere and is so shocking, so heinous, that I just can't believe--refuse to believe--no matter what the charts/posters say, can really be happening. How were there no symptoms, no articles in Variety? This is for real? Crazy on the Outside is incurable at this point in the marketing cycle? And Tim Allen DIRECTED it, too? I didn't even know such a thing could happen. It's going to take a while to come to terms with all this.

Also, how is J.K. Simmons on the poster but not Kelsey Grammer? Has Law & Order's Skoda somehow become a more popular psychiatrist than Frasier Crane? Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and been forced to star in half a season of Hank.

Crazy on the Outside Poster [ComingSoon]

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