Nov 2 2009Warner Bros. Hoping To Recreate Pure Magic of 'Bucket List'


With Morgan Freeman's death in The Bucket List (Bucket Spoiler!) virtually eliminating any possibility of a sequel ("virtually" because I don't think the idea of a ghost Freeman can ever be entirely ruled out), Warner Bros. is attempting to get the aging duo back together for a new film that will recreate that bucket magic that somehow made over $175 million. From THR:

Warner Bros. is pre-emptively picking up an untitled comedy spec by Josh Cagan and Greg Coolidge to which Morgan Freeman is attached to star and Peter Segal is eyeing to direct.

The script, which had a working title of "Dirty Old Men," revolves around an aging playboy who finally meets the love of his life and his best friend and wingman for the past 40 years (Freeman) who does everything to break up the new couple. The tone is described as similar to "Wedding Crashers" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."

The studio would love to have Jack Nicholson reteam with Freeman on the film; the pair starred in Warners' 2007 hit comedy "The Bucket List." Nicholson is not attached to the project but is aware of it.

Let's hope Nicholson gets on board this thing. We need someone to pick up the old guy mediocre comedy duo mantle left behind by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau after Grumpier Old Men.

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yep, lets have more depressing movies disguised as "celebration of life"..

I like this concept because all those times Morgan Freeman was playing those benevolent father figures, I always found myself thinking, "If he were someone's wingman, he'd totally break up the relationships that lasted too long."

Thanks for the spoiler, dickhead.

But better than "thirtysomething"

Was anyone else reminded of the California Raisins when they saw this

#3- you've had almost 3 years to watch Bucket List. If you were going to watch you could have by now. Besides, take a minute an think. Bucket List, reference to "kicking the bucket" a term that means "to die." It's a hollywood movie, somebody would probably die or at least it's in the realm of possibilty. Besides, it really doesn't ruin the movie. Watch it anyways. Decent little flick.

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