James Cameron on the Sixty Minute Program

November 23, 2009


Did you guys catch 60 Minutes the last night? That's OK; I know not everyone is a retiree who likes to fall asleep in his twin bed, drifting off to the sounds of in-depth news coverage. But if you had seen it, you'd know last night contained a profile on James Cameron, in which the director went into detail on the process behind Avatar, his career in general, and his stance on the OJ verdict. It was pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, Andy Rooney would negate all of Cameron's publicity efforts moments later when he went on a five-minute diatribe about how he doesn't think we should make any more moving picture talkies,* but still, pretty interesting. And now it's on online:

There's something sad about when James Cameron says maybe they'll be having this same conversation for Avatar 10, and Morley Safer clearly, mournfully recognizes he will never live that long.

*I'm just assuming it was something like that.

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