'Greenberg' Trailer: So Much Listlessness!

November 30, 2009


With his 1995 directorial debut, Kicking and Screaming, a film about some just-out-of-college guys refusing to make progress in their lives, Noah Baumbach proved he had the skills to capture his generation's upper-class collective ennui. This March the recent Wes Anderson collaborator will try to prove he can, uh, do that same thing again but this time for his upper-class generation reaching 40 with the Ben Stiller drama-comedy Greenberg.

Watch the trailer, then try shouting the title in the manner of the boss from The Jetsons, like, "Greeeeen-berrrrrg!!!" I nearly guarantee you'll enjoy at least one of those activities.

Wanting to see this makes me feel like such a stereotype, and I'm not even rich or 40. Just bored, white, and sort of pathetic.

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