Nov 30 2009Anne Geddes: The Movie


Don't let your adoration of babies doing baby things be restricted to YouTube clips and monthly calendars: there's a movie for that now! Specifically, a documentary appropriately named Babies! It's like Baby Geniuses, except, instead of being preternaturally smart babies, they're just babies.

Here's the trailer. It's basically the film equivalent of screaming ovaries.

Babies. Y'know?

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Well.. I can't say I'd be very interested in this movie.. And I am a woman. - It pretty much is the equivalent to screaming ovaries though, I agree. Why not just tape our eyes open and stab us with forks?

Aww, I think it looks adorable! I wont see it in theaters but I will for sure rent it!

Great headline.

anyone know what song that was...

I think that it will be interesting to see how babies are raised in those different cultures. Maybe it will get people in the USA to stop treating their babies like they're made out of glass and can't ever come into direct contact with dirt.

I might learn something, if I can hear anything over my screaming ovaries.

the song's sufjan stevens - the perpetual self

I might learn something, if I can hear anything over my screaming ovaries.

thanks for all admin
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Before the trailer, I thought this was about a baby who rides in a magic bucket, with a poop-eating goat sidekick. I'm slightly disappointed.

I kept expecting one of those babies at the beginning to clock the other with a rock.

...I'm slightly disappointed.

Braining does seem to be the natural conclusion of that introduction, 10, I agree. And the goat is not helping me keep food down.

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