Oct 23 2009Welp, Here They Are: The A-Team


So will every movie adaptation of a '70s/'80s campy action show take place in the same high-contrast, extremely overexposed world as Charlie's Angels? I'm fine with that; I only worry I may be blind by the time we get to Magnum P.I.

(Bigger version at /Film.)

Reader Comments

This better be good SUCKA!!


I love it when I potentially shitty remake comes together

oh boy. I hope they can save the day. or something...

I'm not gonna lie, I love this.

This. Is. Win.

If this is the A-team, where can I find the B-team?

Bradley Copper was in "Midnight Meat Train" so I can't NOT love him.

...And, holy crap, that's Sharlto Copley in the red hat! *Dies*

At least it's not the same dull, yellow-tinted world every "true-story" movie about the 70s takes place in.

@9- i beleive rampage jackson had a cameo in that movie aswell.

I still do not know what welp weans

@11 - Indeed, he did. So he's awesome too. And let's not forget Liam Neeson. Basically, other than the fact that this is ANOTHER remake of ANOTHER old TV show, this particular picture is full of win.

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