Oct 12 2009'Toy Story 3' Trailer: Time For Toys to Escape From Somewhere Again!


Ut oh, toys! Andy has reached the age of 18, which, as we all know, is the age when a young man finally stops playing with wooden cowboys, packs up for college, and starts listening to somber Randy Newman songs to indicate the gravity of the situation. Andy's mom, like my dad, is eager to get that recently-vacated room turned into a den, and decides to donate the Woody, Buzz, Female Woody, Dinosaur Toy, and the rest of the gang to a daycare center. Now, since Woody hates acts of charity, it's time to escape!

Here's the trailer that explains that plot:

How is Buzz's new language setting going to get along with Woody's unchecked hatred for Latinos?

(Thank you, Pixar Fanatic.)

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i want to see this movi, i loved tle first.


where exactly are they going to escape TO??

Has pixar ever made a bad movie...No.

i came

Pssst Toys.....if you want to be played with forever, just walk and talk in front of your owners.

I'm with Turd on this one...I came.

Valid question on where are they escaping to, but I'm sure it'll be great.

Lets go see how much were worth on ebay lmao

Dude, the buzz lightyear batteries are from Buy-n-large from Wall-E.

How many other pixar cameos can you spot?

I came.... at Andy. Seriously, that kid grew up to be soooo hot! Man, if only the cartoon realm did not separate us.

There is a Disney Pixar on Buzz's butt when the girl picks him up!

I can't waaaaaaaaaait for this film. Yay pixar.

As a random nerd who leaves stuff in their original packaging... do you think my living toys have suffocated?

escaping daycare to get to andy.

So it's basically The Brave Little Toaster, but with toys instead of appliances.

Agree with #5
The toys gotta talk to Andy.

Did... I just watch Buzz Lightyear getting fingered?

How did never realize they were not played...I mean, suddenly he grew up and packed everything?I stopped playing with my toys at 11, i still have all of them, in boxes or in a thing that is on the wall, but i gradually stopped playing with them.

How are they all new and clean, i can't keep mine that way, the plastic looks like pink or yellow

Who am I kidding I got excited for watching this video, HOMELESS TOYS FTW!

Why is everyone talking about this as if it is going on IRL.

@ 5: YES. I suppose the toys SHOULD just realise that they would be played with if they talked in front of the ugly kid. Maybe you should write a letter to Pixar explaining your dissatisfaction at their inconsistency and inauthenticity of plot because the TALKING TOYS haven't seemed to realise this.

@ 16: The toys are new and clean because it's a FUCKING ANIMATION.

Really... reallllly?

Hey csy211, WTF???????

He seems to be quoting animal farm and spamming the thread by inserting a lot of trash in his article.
Spammers get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toy Story rocks!!!!

I like how Pixar handles things. They were almost going to make a Toy Story 3 earlier, but they put it off because they didn't have a good enough story for it. That was impressive because most companies just say "SEQUEL NOW"

I feel obligated to tell all you guys that Pixar DOES NOT MAKE SEQUELS. That's their policy.

The only reason this and Toy Story 2 exist is because they partnered with Disney, who runs everything into the ground with sequels and spin-offs.

If you want a real Pixar movie, go see Up.

looks pretty funny still sorta for kids though ill go see it anyway also @ 9: they probably did u killed them

Hey Um - No 25,

Pixar took over Disney -- not the other way around. The heads of production at Pixar became the heads of Disney -- John Lassiter is now the head of Disney.

The ex-heads of Pixar decided to make the sequals. Pixar is a business like any other one, and they are in it for the money at this point. Art is out the window.

The call it the movie business, because is a business.

They are returning to the source, the toy factory, like in The Matrix.

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