'Scary Movie 5'? No, Even Better...

October 19, 2009


Two things that have always bothered me about the Scary Movie franchise:

1) Why aren't there more of them?

2) Why is there so much consistency and continuity in the series?

Those issues will plague me no longer: CinemaBlend has heard from trusted sources that the Weinstein Company is planning to REBOOT the Scary Movie franchise. That's right, rather than do Scary Movie 5, the Weinsteins have decided to go for Scary Movie 1... Again. Sixth Sense references off limits since the first film are back on the table! Saw 3 can be parodied again! (Saws 4-6 are obviously much more difficult to spoof.) Anna Faris's character's (did they ever bother to give her a name?) absence of any sort of character arc can be replaced by another character's complete absence of character arc! This idea is so good, I dare pay it the high compliment of calling it "Wayans-esque."

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