Oct 28 2009New 'Shutter Island' Trailer: Leo's Gone Crazy!


New trailer for Martin Scorsese's latest and Leonardo DiCaprio's most recent somewhat convincing accent! And something about these scenes tells me Leo's investigation into a criminally insane asylum isn't going as planned. In particular, the scene where he's cradling Michelle Williams before she crumbles into a pile of ash. That's just something you can't plan for, even if you are visiting an insane asylum:

I'd hate to use the bathroom in that place. I bet it's really gross.

Reader Comments

Leo uses a lot of matches in this. Maybe thats how the fire starts....

Only you can prevent err... insane asylum fires...

Well duh, thats because he is "the missing patient" or the one who is being committed. On a side note, I hope I am proven wrong.

Was that Rorschach?

Walking around the dark cell corridor of an asylum for the criminally insane with only matches as a light source....that takes some balls.

sully - Yes it is! He's also in Nightmare on Elm Street and Green Lantern, apparently.

i read the book. you aren't far off.

hes really a paranoid schizophrenic and its an elaborate ploy to get him to admit what he did which is killing his wife after she killed her kids in a lake after leaving the city after she attempted to burn their apartment its a great book

i knew it all along, leo in the living room with a match!

@billybeer way to go, spoiler.

But seriously, a good, easy read. read it first.

Anyone else think the woman into ash effect looked HORRIBLE??

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