Anthony Hopkins Agrees To Be Thor's Dad

October 30, 2009


Kenneth Branagh's Thor adaptation has added more surprising credibility to its cast. Variety reports Anthony Hopkins has signed on to play Odin, father to Loki (non-biologically) and Thor and king of Asgard, which will mean something if you're intimately familiar with Norse mythology and/or comic books.

To help you understand what powers and abilities Hopkins will possess in the role, I've copied a paragraph from the Odin (Marvel Comics) Wikipedia entry's section on powers and abilities, replacing "Odin" with "Sir Anthony Hopkins."

As King of the Norse Gods, Sir Anthony Hopkins possesses superhuman strength; durability and courtesy of the Golden Apples of Idunn, a greatly extended lifepsan. Sir Anthony Hopkins is capable of manipulating the Sir Anthony Hopkins Force - a source of magical energy - for a number of purposes, including energy projection; creation of ilusions and force fields; levitation; molecular manipulation and teleportation. The character has also used the Sir Anthony Hopkinspower for greater feats such as transporting the entire human race to an alternate dimension; compressing the population of an entire planet into a single being, the Mangog and taking a soul away from the arch-demon Mephisto.

This Sir Anthony Hopkins Force sounds pret-ty powerful.

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