Sep 30 2009New 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Trailer: The Cuss You Won't Watch This


New trailer for Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox, people. Let it wiggle into that fox-in-a-corduroy-blazer-shaped hole in your heart and fill it with stop-motion love:

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Love his tie! So cute! Also, Willem Dafoe as the rat is gonna be da bomb.

all of wes' movies are in my amazon cart right now.
and by amazon cart i mean my heart.
but no, i actually mean my amazon cart.

I am going to watch this movie SO HARD!

Is it true that Wes Anderson is one of the Hollywood peeps who signed the contract to let Polanski go free of the rape charges? I'm just asking, tx.

Can't Wait. But..... The "Pixar doesn't have a monopoly" thing....Petty. And whoever wrote "First", You're a dumbass. EVERYONE who writes "First" on a comment thread, is a Dumbass. Grow up.

Wow, gotta say I have reservations. The production looks gorgeous, of course, but... I dunno, the dialogue is a bit too twee and clever. And maybe it's just because it's a wes anderson movie, but the animals don't seem to have expressions when they talk. Ah, I guess I'll hold judgement until I see it.

Must See!!!

Must See!!!

So, this actually is the final product?? Why does it look and sound so bad??

I am so totally going to watch this when ever it shows up on cable and a day that I have nothing better to do then to sit and watch it though I'll prolly be playing world of warcraft while it's on.

This is fox...returning to base

Aaaw i want to hear that in a movie ; _ ;


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