Sep 28 2009Gordon Ramsay Is Getting a Stop-Motion Sitcom?


OK, so you've seen Gordon Ramsay shout that someone is a "donkey" who "could have killed someone" on Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and possibly on all the other British shows where he also does that, but now you're looking for a new way to see that same caricatured, "fuck me"-throwing-food-on-the-floor action in a new format. Right? I thought so. Lucky for you, there's this now:

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay is ... set to be the star of his own stop-motion animation series after striking a deal with Toronto-based animation house Cuppa Coffee Studios.

“Gordon Ramsay, at Your Service” is described as a half-hour laffer that will take “the essence of who he is and have a bit of fun with it,” according to Adam Shaheen, prexy of Cuppa Coffee.

Cuppa Coffee is the animation house behind Nick at Nite’s primetime toon series “Glenn Martin, DDS” and MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch,” among other shows.

Why does claymation Gordon Ramsay look so much like someone dipped the Hulk villain Leader in a vat of peroxide? And why not just give brilliant child parodist Little Gordon a show? There probably aren't suitable answers to those questions, so I guess I'll just be happy that this will probably eventually end up on Food Network Nighttime, hopefully meaning one less Bobby Flay Purposely Shames a Once-Proud Chef I'll end up tolerating when I can't sleep at 3 AM.

Though, personally, I'd rather see Ramsey in a series I'm working on called "Surf Ogre."

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and this is the worst idea I have ever heard

That's an interesting picture.. so what will the clay Ramsay look like?

Are there people who actually find him amusing?

Bobby Flay is wayyy cooler. he just opened a burger joint here in NJ called Bobby's Burger Palace.. it is AMAZING.

also, thanks to a fellow geekologie/superficial reader, i am now hooked on this site like heroine. i've been on it all day long:

Wow, mixed feelings here. A stop-motion animated television show? RAD! Gordon Ramsey? Fuuuuuuuck.

Its an F- ing puppet Dork - Gordon's a real person. If you can separate the two you might be on the way to recovery!
I for one will watch!

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