Aug 5 2009'Zombieland' Trailer: Zombie Brains, Zombie Boobs, Timid Whining


Put the kids to bed: there's a new, R-rated trailer for the undead brain-eater comedy Zombieland, and it fully earns its R-rating. Graphic content includes: lots of zombie carnage, bouncing zombie boobs in pasties, F words, and, most brutal, Jesse Eisenberg so far into Michael Cera's rival territory that he's surely by now a POW, captured and caged within his own slumped shoulders. Every time he speaks, you can't help but hear a phantom Arrested Development ukulele strumming faintly in the distance.

(If you can't read it, it's asking you to enter your birthdate in mm/dd/yyyy format.)

I know Eisenberg's been doing the meek nerd thing for a long time, but I've never heard his voice capture that impotent whine that's made Cera the go-to perpetual awkward teenager. Maybe he's auditioning in case Cera holds out on the AD movie.

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Looks like some good fun. I can not wait until we get our own zombie apocalypse.

oh man i think i wanted to jump out of my seat and do a happy jig when this preview came on at the theater.....i am rather excited to see this :P

As long as when it happens we don't get the obligatory rolling her eyes, no it all, stroppy female like this film seems to have.

zombie tits


of course i'll watch it.

bah, zombies don't run.

michael cera is played, pass.

Must See!!

of all things thats awesome..this is it!

Comedy, Zombie Tits, Pot Smoking Cast. This movie is going to rock; plain & simple. If it could only have the entire cast of Cheers! (minus Kirstie Alley of course - due inability to fit on the screen)

Hey! Eisenberg is great, i love Cera, but Eisenberg is far better...

Does a better Cera impression than Cera.

Best. Movie. Ever?

I agree....that dude is pretty much a Cera rip-off...but you know what? Its a fucking zombie movie, I love zombie movies and this one looks fucking great.

holy shit! you mean thats not Michael Cera? I tottally thought he was...
at least it's not a bad impression

one more nerd movie........ this time with zombies because people are finally realizing that amusement parks and getting pregnant is boring plots for movies.....

Zombieland Movie seems to be very exciting. It has lot of comedy and horror.Woody Harrelson seems to be very good. This movie promises to give the audience full entertainment. For more trailer, wallpapers refer

zombie boobs FTW.

Looks interesting though I don't think that zombies would run. Reminds me of Resident Evil, a laid back one. Anyway, I think I'd be watching this while my Aion Online is still not launched. Might as well entertain myself while waiting.


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