Aug 6 2009Tyler Perry's 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' Poster Trilogy Concludes Logically


The first Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself poster featured star Taraji P. Henson's face arbitrarily photoshopped onto a yellow rose. The second showed Madea doing a strange, unlikely parody of the Straw Dogs poster. Naturally, the third depicts Henson drowning in an ocean of pastel light as the ghosts of Madeas and R&B stars past hover around her. Really, it was the only logical way to complete the trilogy. In Return of the Jedi, you expect to see Vader die; in the last I Can Do Bad All By Myself poster, you want to to see a woman in an Easter-themed nightclub surrounded by souls. Just common sense.

Exclusive poster premiere: 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' [Hitfix] (via IMPA)

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looks gay

and 1st

Reminds me of My Blueberry Nights posters for some reason.

I don't give a damn about this movie, but I'm pretty sick of ads popping up slowly over the screen and tricking me into clicking on them. Website off.

Who is Tyler Perry and why should I care?
Is the "Blackting" community THAT broke where they can't hire more actors for a movie?
Eddie Murphy already did this and several before him have as well.

Why must bad things happen on 9/ this movie

That's one bad poster. From the colors to the cheesy ghostly detached heads, someone needs to uninstall Photoshop.

i wonder if it'll have the song "i can do bad by myself" by biz markie. fukn funny track

You know... just for the record... I was actually planning on seeing "The Orphan" prior to their online marketing pop-ups making me drive a spork through my own eye.

If "I Watch Stuff" didn't post anything all day, would anyone notice?

yeah i would recommend getting rid of your orphan ad. i think it's more detrimental than you think. but lol it's a bummer when i get so bummed out by a lack of posts by you dude!


Seriously, did the writer go on vacation or something? I mean, John Hughes passed away and... nothing. But we get the new poster for a Tyler Perry movie and an obnoxious ad for The Orphan? I Watch Stuff is getting pretty lame.

hey, IWSW, are you ok?

Apparently they don't watch much stuff. I rarely check the movies side cause its never updated with anything good.

Sorry...up the game

That Taraji P. Henson gives me the creeps. The movies I've seen her in, even if she has portrayed some emotional or rough character, for some reason, I can not look at her for too long. Honestly, I don't know why...

did the writer die?

no updates for a while now

Must See!!

i think i am getting the jungle fever here!

well if seen this movie lastnight it was actually great so to all the people who dont why did u post a comment about it anyway! so i was just wanted to give a big luck and all the luck and can i know dat dont make sence but anyway just wanted to say hey!and movie was great and wat that man did to jennifer was so stuupid!

xoxo dezerie

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