Aug 4 2009Portrait of Destro's Metal Head


With less than a week before the release of G.I. Joe, director Stephen Sommers has decided to slap up with some concept art to show that Destro, the character traditionally depicted as a man with a metal head, will indeed look like a man with a metal head (and apparently less like the Legends of the Hidden Temple face than previously thought). Now let's just hope the faithfulness of keeping him in the metal headpiece won't detract from the realism of militant ninjas and guys in super-suits jumping through buses.

Reader Comments

Well... there is one plus. In the sea of not pluses that is the GI Joe Film.

Legends of the Hidden Temple reference FTW!

So how they gonna justify the metal studded collar? Nano-metal robots from Hot Topic?

MINOR SPOILER: You only see Destro's metal head for about 10 seconds at the end of this movie. For the rest of it, it's just Christopher Eccleston in his normal skin being some Scottish bad guy.

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