Aug 10 2009New 'Where the Wild Things Are' Trailer Will Destroy You


After my unplanned absence Friday ("shit happens" novelty t-shirts were right: shit does happen), let's start the catch-up process with the new trailer for Where the Wild Things Are. Director Spike Jonze has created an emotion microwave--two-and-a-half minutes and your heart should be warmed throughout:

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I'm guessing DWI? Let's hear it IWS writer.

yeah i cried a little, wanna make somthing of it?

This looks epic

I care nothing for this movie. Maybe it's because I never read the book (or had the book read to me as a child), but it holds no interest for me whatsoever.

All this movie needs now is a dash of Michael Bay and a touch of Will Smith and it will be perfect!

@4 Then fuck off.

This book was great. The movie DOES look epic. It's something from my childhood done right. It's not being shit on.

Go watch G.I. Joe embarass itself. I'm sure that would interest you.

The song is cool and I know some love it but this borderlines on music video. For a very very very specific generation.

I had heard a rumor that the second trailer might have the music of the flaming lips.. so it kinda bummed me out to hear arcade fire again. Then I thought about it and I believe Flaming Lips and Arcade fire were in a spat a while back.. so maybe that was why the lips offered their music.. even if that was the case the lips are faaar superior to arcade fire..


This made me tear up a little. Why does this look so adorable?

I love hearing Gandolfini's voice in it.

I am so looking forward to this movie. Even it WB will not support it as they are afraid of it scaring little kids. I just wish I knew if the music in the movie will also be by Arcade Fire (I love the album "Funeral" which the song in the trailer is from. I can hardly wait for it to open.

awman my inner child just wept- and boohoo #4 go back in time and complain

i want this movie injected in me

aw dang, just looking at those monsters makes me feel all gooey inside... they've really perfected the warm, mushy-ness, I feel like such a wuss
anyway... I wonder, what be the shit happenings, my dear IWS writer?

@ 12

Your comment about WB worrying that this would scare little kids and such, made me realize that, yeah It should TOTALLY scare little kids. This isn't a kids movie for them. Its a kids movie for US. Thats why its tugging on all our little heart strings so hard. This movie was made for our inner-children.

Can't wait. It looks gorgeously filmed and endlessly creative. Plus, there's gonna be some hilarious mashups with Sopranos once someone rips a copy of it.

Wes Anderson take note: this is what well-done modern puppetry looks like.

(heart EXPLODES!!!)

(Childhood restored)

Must See!!

#4 Well Pat, if you ever wonder why you are such a miserable, impotent failure of a man, now you know.

@ #20.
He's clearly a sociopath. You're admonishments give him an erection.

I think I know what rings so true about this trailer, it's a kids movie that never appears to pander.

There's a wonderful heartfelt diddy playing over the whole thing instead of something like "All Star" by Smashmouth.

There are absoultely NO fart jokes.

No one pratfalls into a tree.

The kid doesn't act like a little smart mouthed adult.

There's no talking hamsters.

The movie isn't even out and it FEELS like a classic.

No wonder the studio is scared of the film. It's like something Spielberg would have made 20 years ago...

With all the horrible GI Joe and Transformers least one movie was made well.

Its gonna be epic

The trailer looks really good. Gandolfini's voice sounds right and music sets the tone quite well. I look forward to seeing it, and I agree that it's for the inner kid.

#4 don't listen to all these folks giving you a hard time, I heard Hollywood is making a movie out of your favorite coloring book (including all your outside the line mistakes) Yea!

I can't wait for this movie! I've been waiting for so long its just so amazing!

I think this movie should scare little kids, but not because its a kids movie just for us grownups with inner children...but because I distinctly remembering the cartoon adaptation of the book scaring me as a child. Its scary, but not in a scar your kid for life sort of way...just a give a kid a jolt because they're not precious babies in bubbles who will explode if provoked. I'm grateful when kids are treated as humans and not "angels" when it comes to kid-driven media.

I think I saw in the first trailer something about original music by Karen O...being a big YYYs fan I'm very curious to hear what that will be like.

I remember watching an interview with Spike Jonze around when filming for this started. He said "Even if something is scary looking, if you love it, you love it."

I'm with the majority, this movie is going to move me in ways I haven't felt in a long while.

Jesus. I cannot wait for this, seriously.
The trailer is beautiful- something trippy, heartfelt, exciting. Throwing in Arcade Fire just adds to how amazing its going to be.

I'm quite interested to what the movie's soundtrack may hold. I'm hoping for other indie songs of The Arcade Fire's epicness; I remember this book always weirded me out a bit because it was so out there and trippy and such, and so the right music placed in the right parts will keep that part alive for me at least.

Its going to be one of the best movies I've ever seen, I know this one already.

its so gay that the kid is trying to get into it like he said lets all get in a pile

and soit like its so stupid like the ook and the lord of the fags

"the book was great!"

all they did was steal the idea of an old kids book and changed as many thing as they could!

142 if I well be crezy I well blevet


"and soit like its so stupid like the ook and the lord of the fags"

you f*ckin idiot.

This movie looks fantastic, they managed to make it into a movie without messing it up completely. That I appreciate. I also *LOVE* the fact that they aren't using just cg-i in it, either, it makes the movie look a lot more realistic and it shows that they were willing to spend more time on it...

i miss puppets so fucking much. they are more realistic and lovable than any cgi bullshit ever conceived. if this movie is not amazing, it will completely destroy any shred of my childhood that is left.

take a look at weloveyouso[dot]com for a viewing of things related, although sometimes not directly to WTWTA - as for the haters, if it's not your cup of tea [never exposed to this CLASSIC as a child] then whatever but please steer clear of negative commentary since your lack of knowledge pretty much removes you from the pool that SJ and Co. are aiming for - maybe - in theory anyone with a sense of wonder, imagination and an understanding of the magic inherent in most peoples childhood [and wished for by those of us who were a little short in the magic department] should find this an engrossing tale...

just my $.02's worth

This was my favorite book as a child. I loved the pictures - screw the words.
Second childhood - +1

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