Aug 12 2009'Legion' Trailer: Judgment Day Wears a Trenchcoat


Sure, you've seen that Matrix movie, and you've probably seen a Bible in your local Bible Shoppe, but have you ever seen the two FUSED??? Well, get ready to! In Legion, God is using his Godpower to turn humans into demonic Agent Smiths! But, thankfully, Paul Bettany as the Archangel Neo is there to protect the unborn Christ figure! Now that's some action you can take to church on Sunday, along with your shame!


Paul Bettany looking upwards into the rain. So Dramatic. Capital D.

(Thanks to Hal!)

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can you make the video a little smaller please?

Looks fun and creepy, but this trailer shows WAY too much of the story. I don't want to see major characters dying in the trailer!

That looks like fun!

The movie looks like a complete mess. Straight to video if you ask me.

Okay, I'll admit this looks way over the top and kinda stupid, but it's coming out in January. And I usually take what I can get in January.

Agree with RichardH - that was the entire movie right there, not that there looks to be much to it. I feel kind of bad for Paul Bettany, having to settle for the merely Wachowski-esque. Aside from the sad, sad, sad Agent-metamorphosis ripoff, I can't help but think whoever storyboarded the evil granny scene was playing a lot of Bioshock.

Waw. What a piece of trailer! Denis Quaid totally rocks and the creatures reminds me of "Day of the Dead" witch was pretty cool. When we will see it?

Its like the Matrix had a 3 way with Demon Knight and that awesome Walken film the Prophecy. This would be like 10 times more badass if they put Walken in it. You hear that? Put Walken in it. And that's like 10 million more tickets right there.

#8 - When was there a witch in Day of the Dead? I don't remember that. Seriously, after reading what you just wrote, you really need to stop writing movie reviews and go back to school. I'm not trying to be mean, but that is just sad.


I thought Constantine was the Matrix bible crossover...

i hate it when my grandma does that. so rude.

I think the child is the Antichrist and God is trying to kill it before it's born, why can't he snap his fingers and make it happen rather than pushing out a two hour movie?

i wanna be excited but they make it so hard.

True quasi bible-thumping nonsense!
Strictly for Di Vinci Code fans.
"I don't even believe in God."
"He doesn't believe in you either."
Beautifully written stuff.

Is it bad if I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing? It was like the time I saw the trailer for "Teeth".

Ok, so watching this trailer brings me back to thinking that it's basically "The Prophecy" without Christopher Walken but with more guns.

Sort of an amalgamation of the Prophecy movies. But hey, it's got Doug Jones as an evil icecream man so that alone makes it a must watch.

That old lady is probably me 70 years from now.

angels and flamethrowers and rocket launchers??? sweet. add some ninjas and maybe transforming robots.

This looks interesting....but not that great....I like the concept. And I like what someone said earlier...the baby is the anti christ and god is trying to kill it before its born...that would be a pretty cool twist. But the action, acting and pretty much everything else looks kinda weak. Charles S. Dutton...what are you doing?!?! You fucking RULED in Alien 3. I'll probably wait for this when it comes to On Demand.

Looks like the Bible: quite trashy.

I'm the opposite of religious, and I thought it looked pretty bad until I saw Quaid was in it. Even though Horsemen was horrible, I'm still a Quaid fan for some reason.

What sealed the deal for me was watching Quaid shoot an old lady on the ceiling with a shotgun. How could somebody watch that scene and not want to see the movie?

This is the single biggest piece of badassery I've seen in a long time.

For a second I could have sworn this was a plug for Left 4 Dead 2.

Kind of want.

Question though; since when is owning a car a major prerequisite to giving birth to the savior of mankind?

this looks to be the blockbuster comedy of the year!

didn't anyone figure out, that ever since paradise lost came out it just points to the fact that heavenly battles are a moot point, if god can't lose?

i would like to see this movie

So Dennis Quaid dies... did they need to show that in the preview?

yeah,. so the kid from sling blade is in there. thats all i got. sorry, i really wanted to right a comment about this movie, cept couldnt really think of something.

God jokes? That's lazy humor. "I'll say something insulting whether there is a joke in it or not." I expect that kind of writing from the scary movie writers.

Why an Ice Cream Man?
I hope the scene opens with the heroes having survived the onslaught, and the few remaining are all like "Dude, know what I could go for? AN ICE CREAM (this could have been a recurring theme all movie - in diner, the ice cream freezer is broken, one character is bitching about it all movie). Too bad we're in the desert on a foggy night..."
Cue Ice Cream Truck. Then its all like "SWEET DEAL!" Then Doug does his thing and dude is all like "AW DAMN, I knew he'd be an ANGEL/DEMON. That means they only have Fly-flavored ice cream bars. I HATE *cocks shotgun* FLYS IN MY SOUP, DAMN STRAIGHT *cocks again* I HATE THEM IN MY ICE CREAM!"
"Sorry buddy - only flaver I'm packing is buckshot."

Or maybe Michael could be all like "Earth has gone to Hell - but the one thing you humans did right is Ice Cream. I LOOOOVE ice cream." Cue freezer being broken, and its like Hudson Hawk and his cappuchino until what I typed above.

This makes the "The Prophecy 3" look fantastic.

I believe this will be my kind of movie-my "cup of tea" sort to speak!!! Can't wait to see it.

So is Paul Bettany supposed to be Michael, or what?

@33 - Spot *ucking on. Perfect.

This looks terrible. What, somebody decided to make Dogma an action flick? Seriously, this is like Dogma, Drag me to Hell, and The Prophecy all rolled into one. Sad. This story could have been so much better, but if the erailer is any indicator this movie is going to suck.


I predict this movie is going to piss some people off.

@ 33
You really need to become a movie writer. Unless precisely what you just wrote actually happens in the film I will be walking out of the theatre/ejecting the DVD and throwing it in the bin.

Also - if the movie I Am Legend taught us anything I think it should be that disdended jaws look fucking stupid on humans-turned-bad.

i always thought the bible didn't have enough guns and explosions. Aside from the acting it looks alright

Looks kinda interesting,in like a b-movie sort of way.
kinda like you know its going too suck, but it is still fun too watch.
a guilty pleasure .

There is discussion on this movie here:

this trailer is like 8 minutes long. i cant see this being that good

who cares - i would watch Paul Bettany read out of the phone book if they made that into a movie. he is freaking brilliant!

Sounds like a movie that should have had Sam & Dean Winchester from Supernatural. They have psycho killer angels, too!

#45 AMEN! This kind of looks like the shittier version of The Supernatural...but I'm still going to see it. I've got a bit of a fetish for angels, I love anything with angels in it. And besides, Paul Bettany? Sign me up!

Fucking trailer shows everything..but I still wanna see it.

Must See

Good thing there is a death panel to get rid of the old people. Actually I think the grandma scene was from Sam Rami's "Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness".

So everyone that posted pretty much summed it up. The only two details i did not see addressed were 1. Paradise Falls!! really nothing else came to mind for a name of the place it all goes down? Play fallout 3 much? or any other random usage of that name. 2. The daemon/ghost/anything u want to be scary wall ceiling climb overused cliche. Oh and i agree with the jaw thing! STOP IT, it doesn't help the scariness at all!

And like most yes ill still watch i'm pathetic, but i love God actually hates us movies.

Just watched it again and definitely hyped up to see it. And I noticed that the pregnant chick is actually played by the same actress who played Jessica, Sam Winchester's girlfriend in Supernatural. Which is really cool considering this movie it's got quite a bit of Supernatural-like ideas.

I want to see it just to see it. It seems like it COULD be an okay movie but like others have said i love movies where God actually hates us.

OH and Tyler - Teeth was teh most 'OMG why am I still watching this movie?' of all time haha.

I think I'm just going to wait until someone makes a time machine so I can go back before this movie was ever thought of so I don't have to see this stupid fucking trailer on tv

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