Aug 19 2009'Law Abiding Citizen' Has This Really Awesome Explosion!


From my electronic mailbox:

I’m working on Overture’s upcoming Jamie Foxx/Gerard Butler suspense thriller flick, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. (Which comes out October 16th!)

The director of the film, F. Gary Gray (Be Cool, The Italian Job) just tweeted from his personal twitter account a link to a really awesome explosion that they just shot for some added special effects sequences in the film – I’ve included a quick snapshot of the video [above]

Radical, dudes! A really awesome explosion! Really awesome explosions are like my favorite thing--after pizza and neon images of skateboarding youths, of course! So sweet.

Also included in that email: this link to F. Gary Gray's Twitter account, which has a link to not the actual explosion but a YouTube search for "f gary gray explosion." I guess that keeps the link relevant, in case director F. Gary Gray posts more F. Gary Gray explosions in the future.

Video of this misguided marketing attempt:

Michael Bay is not amused.

Reader Comments

Always glad to see another movie where someone is walkng away from a massive explosion without looking back.

Best. Web site. Ever:

Everyone knows cool guys don't look at explosions. The less you acknowledge them the cooler you are.

Wouldnit it be a great M Night level twist if someone LOOKED BACK at the explosion?!

this looks like it will kick major major ass!!!

the trailer gives too much of it away thou

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