'Inception' Trailer: Your MIND is the Scene of the Crime

August 24, 2009


There's this now: the trailer for Inception If this were a straight-to-video production, I would still be scoffing at the film's "your mind is the scene of the crime" tagline, but since this is a Christopher Nolan-directed sci-fi movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I guess I'm going to have to assume the mind being the scene of the crime isn't as laughable as it sounds in this case. Just so long as the mind being the scene of the crime doesn't mean some Fantastic Voyage scenario where Leonardo DiCaprio is shrinking himself down to the side of a brain cell to literally enter a criminal's head and find the clues to solve a murder.

Ah, who am I kidding? I would love that movie.

Now we know a glass of water works just as well for detecting shifts in gravity as it does for detecting if a Tyrannosaurus Rex is approaching your SUV.

(Thanks, iamse7en.)

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