Aug 13 2009'Fourth Kind' Trailer: That Isn't a Barn Owl, It Turns Out! It's a Barn Alien!


Close Encounters of the Third Kind just got CHUMPED. The Fourth Kind totally kicks it up one higher in kind, to the FOURTH KIND. To put it simply, that's contact vs. abduction. Or, to put it sexually, that's second base vs. rape. In other words, you just got your ass handed to you, Richard Dreyfuss! This is so much more intense of a kind! The FOURTH kind!

Just kidding; Richard Dreyfuss wasn't handed his ass. This basically looks like White Noise: Alien Edition meets an improv game where the idea is to take the last person's freak-out level one step higher, starring Milla Jovovich:

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This seems really similar to "The Mothman Prophesies" more than anything.

"Harry Potter and Hedwig's Revenge"

Trailer doesn't work anywhere on the internets - is having conniptions.

Man not another one. Ones our Alina overlords finally arrive they will have hours of comedic entertainment watching all the " psychological thrills" about abductions.

That is if the beings that are planing to dominate us understand the concept of comedy. If not we are really fucked.

the owls are not what they seem


That's kind'of creepy.....

It doesn't even seem to be based on real fake alien reports. Googling for anything related an Abigail Tyler and abductions or Nome that isn't about the movie trailer turns up zero results.

The "actual footage" in the trailer looked too movie-thriller creepy (the guy sitting bolt upright in bed especially) to be real, and it appears that it is not.

@8: Often for movies, they'll say it's 'based off a true story', and most of the time the story isn't real; they say that so people will get more scared than if they know it never happened [The Strangers; Blair Witch Project; etc.]

The thing about this one is that it is based on actual events. Wake up! The media is trying to tell you something

I was attacked by an owl once. damn skippy, it was scary. anyways, looks good. I'll see it.

@5: Ya think? LOL

mothman prophecies

It's nice to see the owls again. They were always my favorite part of Whitley Strieber's Communion.

well "The Strangers" was actually based off a true story, that being the one of Charles Manson's victims.

I eat that owls rectum

this movie is all fake, like, paranormal activity, the blair wicth and others,,,i think is wrong, that holliwood and productions companies said ,,,something is truth or based on real life event, if this not truth,, we the people have to stop that b.s. they sell their own mothers to make a buck.....

Did not get a thing really

I just want to ask everyone here who thinks that there`s nothing real in this movie: why? how can you prove that it`s not real? watch the movie and try to understand it with clear minds. no prejudices no negative feelings - just the movie and what it shows. if anyone here makes me believe that the movie is not based on a real story i`ll be gratefull.

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