Aug 14 2009Finally, a Re-Imagining of 'Battlestar Galactica'


You'd really think someone would have put together an updated version of the 1978 series Battlestar Galactica by now, creating both a critical and ratings success for whatever thematically-appropriate cable network might have picked it up, but seeing that obviously no one has done that, Universal has attached Bryan Singer to write and produce a completely re-imagined BSG film. Says The Hollywood Reporter:

The deal hyper-jumps the development of "Galactica," for which Universal quietly picked up the movie rights in February from original show creator Glen A. Larson as the lauded Sci Fi series was wrapping up.

The deal also brings Singer back to a project he was close to getting off the ground at the beginning of the decade. Singer and Tom DeSanto were developing with USA for Fox TV a backdoor pilot that was intended to be a sequel to the 1978 series, but those were shelved after the attacks of Sept. 11.

(The premise involved a human civilization on 12 planets decimated from an attack by intelligent robots known as Cylons. Survivors are led by the starship Galactica in their attempt to find a mythic 13th planet named Earth.)

There is no script for the new "Galactica," though insiders have said the feature is to be a complete reimaginging and will stand separately.

Maybe something with Danny Trejo as some sort of space commander and Senator John McCain in an eye patch? Just some ideas. Completely original ideas.

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This has stupid written all over it.

Leaked script plot points: Adama wears a slightly darker-colored version of his original iconic outfit and mopes around complaining about how hard it is to run the only Battlestar left and the burden it is to always have to hear people begging him to save them. You know, typical hero stuff you wanna see in a movie like this.
Also, turns out Cylons are powered by alien crystals. Or mutants.

I would love for the story to be rebooted. I don't care for the sci-fi series (Come on now...human-looking Cylons? Puh-leez!)

Can't wait.


Do we really need to see this re-imagined again? The Sci Fi show was really good. Has it slow parts though. But this has been done allready.

Bryan Singer's career won't last much longer after this. Super man Returns and Valkryie sucked.

This has suck written all over it.

IWS writer, that opening paragraph was brilliant. I too am baffled that nobody has taken up this completely untouched mantle, especially in the past 4 or 5 years.

And Meeyatch, don't forget, it's SyFy now! SyFy. I hope IWS puts in a filter which automatically replaces "Sci Fi Channel" with "SyFy Channel," because it's really for the best.

shitty wigs.

Seriously? I mean talk about trying to cash in on someone else's success! What the fuck is the deal with that.

This is gonna suck so much that God may actually decide we're not worth it anymore, just in time for 2012 . . . Scary thought. Don't blame me if that's what happens . . .

They should have a re-imagined Bob Dylan song for the opening too. Coz that would be appropriate.


SciFi is SyFy? When did that happen?

Hey when is someone going to do re-imagining of the V series from the 80's? Also, shouldn't the Sci Fi channel (I refuse to use the other spelling) play shows like V the series, both the original BSG & the new BSG, and every Dr Who ep whenever possible instead of Ghosthunter, Scare tactics and ECW? Shouldn't the Horror channel and ESPN (or Spike TV) be the ones airing these shows... non-stop.

Great, lets see Bryan Singer make a sequel to the 2nd episode from season 1, complete with the original score. This time though, Starbuck is a stalker, who just returned from his destroyed home planet, following around the married Lt. Sharon 'Athena' Agathon.

Also, there's something strange about Lt. Sharon 'Athena' Agathon's little boy. The Cylons are once again the major threat, planning to turn earths oceans
into ocean front property in a poorly planned and executed land selling scheme.

Would this be a re-un-imaging? Also I bellieve in compromise with the SyFy logo. I think it should be either SciFy or PsiFy...end line...

I bet they say 'frack' a lot. Maybe they should change the gender of one of the major characters too.

The sci-fi series was top notch in many respects. The soundtrack alone trumps about 80% of theatrical releases.

Go frak yourself.

Frakkin' Bryan Singer. I hope he has the good sense to cram a marathon session of watching the entire new series in a weekend. So he can fully realize exactly what he'll be fucking up. The source material is already there. Fer chrissakes. Extend the current BSG, hire on the same writers, and you've got solid gold. No one will watch it because it'll actually be good, but hey, you can't ask for everything.

Can't wait to see how he inserts wolverine/gay allegory into this one.

I like the old Galactica. Apollo and Face blow up some cylons, Yee-Haw!! Then it's off to a double date with Audrey and Judy Landers at the disco or roller rink. Or was that The Love Boat?

FRAKFRAKFRAKFRAK! That's very edgy and controversial.

SyFy. That's very edgy and controversial.

Re-Imagine MST3K. (RiffTrax!)


A movie about, say, Galactica's battles and her part in the Cylon War? I would have expected that, and it would have quite a bit of potential depending on the writer.

But a movie about the old canon? A couple years too late. The new show was far too successful for a good reboot of the old stuff. Instead of actually watching the movie, people are going to be super critical about how different it is from the BSG with the final five, sleek centurions, and female Starbuck.

Very few people will readily accept this pre-re-make re-make.

omg a remake? I don't think hollywood has done enough remakes. please do more.

I for one want to see this made.

I wonder how the story ends?

@ 10, they are remaking V, it will be out this fall. Youtube V remake for the trailers.

@3, are you kidding me? BSG was awesome with the line of human-cylons. Better than the original, better than this one they will fuck up.

All of this has happened before, and will happen again. Maybe we will find out what the Opera House means. Well maybe not. I guess they'll probably just blow shit up for two hours.

Absolutely baffling.

Why doesn't Glen A Larson resell another of his great old shows such as Knight Rider? Oh, forgot he has.
Why doesn't Singer re-imagine the Superman franchise? Oh, forgot he has.
Why break something when it has been fixed? Absolutely baffling.

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