Aug 20 2009'Avatar' Trailer: It Will Destroy Everything You Hold Dear! I Guess.


James Cameron's Avatar is being called everything from "a gamechanger" to "a life destroyer" to "something that will forcefully fill every one of your orifices with three-dimensionalness." The film's first trailer has finally been released, so now you can see what all the fanboy catcalls were all about. I guess the game changing part is that this is the first forest species to look slightly more convincing than Ewoks?

I mean, that definitely looks like some large-scale, intense action, and I'd love to watch the full film, but I'm still not seeing what game it's changing. It's only revolutionary if you were in the bathroom during all the over-sized, not-quite-real-looking battles from Star Wars I-III.

(Hypothetically also in HD on Apple, if they ever get it sorted out.)

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that's it?

I had to admit that the CGI is not mind-blowingly revolutionary. The CGI creatures look very convincing, but they're not a generational leap or anything. I am pretty amazed that they managed to convincingly turn Sam Worthington into a blue, CGI version of Robert Pattinson.

I guess maybe the fact that it was shot in stereoscopic 3D is supposed to be the gamechanging bit?

first, sucks

Yeah, this could easily be the biggest disappointment in sci-fi history. Yes, history! All the hype surrounding this, the rumors of more set-backs and promises of ground-breaking special effects...really, the trailer looks average. Don't get me wrong, it looks good and I'll definitely see it, but it doesn't look like what they were hyping it up to be. I've seen Lord of the Rings, I've seen Star Wars, I've seen the new Star Trek...I've yet to see anything ground breaking in this trailer. Who knows, maybe they're saving their tricks for later down the road.

I liked it better when it was called "Dances with Wolves" and it was a Western. If you want to attend a sermun go to church at least they don't charge $10 to get in the door.

Looks awesome.

GI Joe sucked get over it.


so its basically a live action remake of Fern Gully?

Great trailer. The blue scenes reminded me of "Watchmen" another great movie.

It's the 3-D that will make it work. I hope.

It takes everything I hate about movies and only enhances it. The scene where the guy was rolling in his wheel chair, he looked like CG. In fact the only time I was blown away was when I saw the close up shot of someone's face and it wasn't CG.

"Yeah, this could easily be the biggest disappointment in sci-fi history".

You may want to forget the jizz fest you created pre-Transformers, but that doesn't mean that the rest of us can.

Is this really that groundbreaking?

Battle for Terra Remake? I don't see much here that's revolutionary.

BTW, GI Joe didn't suck. If the acting was better and the CGI wasn't so cheesy and the director didn't waste time with backstory and they cut out some of the crappy dialogue, it would have been awesome. Zartan was President. Awesome.

The Dark Crystal 2?

Movie looks EPIC. Remember, this is just a teaser trailer so you don't get much on the story or interplay between characters.

Those at Comic-Con saw extended scenes and the reports were all glowing. Cameron has yet to make a bad movie, and with him spending so much time making this movie I don't expect this to be his first.

Again, I'm pumped to see this movie and it's about time Hollywood makes some great, original Science Fiction movies (District 9 and Avatar). Can't wait!

i still don't see what the hype is about...

Looks like a great movie but still a disappointment. If he wouldn’t have been so tight lipped about it, if everybody didn’t already praise it beyond belief, if they didn’t promote it to be so ground breaking. .. Than maybe it would have had an expectation to beat not an expectation to try and live up to.

If you watch this in HD, it makes all the difference - the special effects looks mediocre in the embedded video, however in HD this thing looks fucking EPIC.

Seriously, check it out:

Is that papyrus font?

I don't trust the comic-con crowd, especially with the Twilight panel dominating.

This looks like a cut scene from one of the recent Final Fantasy games. Nothing more, nothing less.

shitty wigs.

yea, it's not bad, but honestly i'm not impressed.

Yeah, this movie just looks like a lot of hype, even in the oh so amazing HD.

It's not bad or anything but quite frankly I have to agree... nothing incredibly groundbreaking here... I will definitely go see it and all, but really I have to agree with Charlie, it looks like a cut scene from a Final Fantasy game, as far as quality of the CGI goes. Nothing against that, but I just don't really feel that this looks like anything incredibly new or ground breaking.

And yes, I agree, shitty wings. The dragons in Harry Potter looked more realistic than these flying creatures.

It looks for all practical purposes like a trailer for a video game.
But who knows, I will definitely go see it and am more than willing to be impressed. Let's just hope it gets better than this.

Hmmm... Could be good. Could be migraine inducing.


Alright let me guess, earth is trying to invade this planet and the main character learns to be like the tribals and then the tribals try to fight off the humans and humans are always evil.

Okay, James Cameron himself admits it's "Dances with Wolves" in space.

Also, damn, can't anyone make aliens not look like humans? Would they really evolve that way. These guys are totally CG anyway, it's not like anything is stopping them. It's also pretty obvious that somehow, that planet has bamboo and palm trees just like earth. Either no one cared, or we find out in the end after all the fighting, that humans and these blue people are related.

When is Daisy going to say it's a fake?


Of course humans are evil. Didn't you get the memo?

Christ, but you lot are slow. They tried to keep the game-changing under wraps in this trailer, but they slipped up at 00:13. Notice that the shuttle is flying *upside down*. In fact, the whole film will be shown upside down. After everyone sees how this transforms the experience of film-going, all future films will likewise be shown this way.

Even though the CGI revolution basically amounts to slightly wider eyed versions of Perlman in TV's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, its got robots and aliens and pteranadons so I'll watch it.

I thought the main characters of the film were supposed to be part of the groundbreaking new technology, so how can they be saving the revolutionary stuff for later?

I'll still see it.

I got a kick out of listening to James Cameron talk about the development of the Avatar game a while back, and basically saying it was going to be as great as the movie. A no name developer making a game utilizing virtually nothing from the movie... that's different from every other movie game ever made, how exactly? The man is completely blinded by his own hype. It does nothing but hurt the movie and potentially ruin what could otherwise be decent if left to speak for itself.

@ #20

Yes, yes it Papyrus, and it is horrible...


I found one at - it's in french but there's not really any speaking in the trailer so it dosn't matter

maybe the cgi stuff is the actually real, and the real stuff is actually cgi. and maybe the revolutionary part is in the theatre experience, maybe the whole theatre will be rocketed it into space, maybe everyone here are a bunch whiney babies!

didnt get to see it, but i still will call everyone a baby.

This was probably the one movie that I was looking forward to seeing the most all year. But that trailer killed all of my interest in it. That scene that somebody mentioned above where they show the guy in the wheelchair getting off a spaceship looked like a cutscene from Halo. If they can't make something as simple as that look real, what hope does the rest of the film have?

I guarantee that if James Cameron's name wasn't on this, nobody would see it. It just looks gay. (not in the offensive to homo's way, but in the insulting way)

You guys are a bunch of fucking tards...go back to Transformers and GI Blow! The cg looks incredible and remember...this film is SUPPOSED to be watched in 3D! Watching it on a 2D platform is like sitting in a Ferrari but not driving it. Plus this is a teaser...we dont get any dialogue and queers just need to chill. I know everyone of you will be in line come December....

it's still unavailable in apple and trailer addict.

Doesn't anyone find it peculiar that the blue creatures look like the incest beasts from Lawnmower Man?
Come on Cameron woo me with the super film you've been promising..there's a reason I never watched S1mone. You can do it!

Well....I'm not gonna say I'm dissapointed, but I'm not impressed...

Maybe is because of the hype...

Especially with Cameron saying how a lot of tech was invented for this movie, and it wasn't possible to do some years ago and him not wanting to show any image of it until now, but to me to be honest I don't see any improvement in the CGI from the Final Fantasy movie or beowulf

looks pretty lame. maybe i missed why its so cool in the first place and why everyone was waiting for more about it, but i never found interest in this movie and now that i see the trailer, i hope i never hear about it again.

District 9 did more with $30 million than this did with over $200 million.

wow. nature versus technology. i've never seen that in a scifi movie before. how revolutionary james cameron.

also, i may be jumping the gun here because obviously i haven't seen the movie, but the best scifi says something about the real world we live in. the only thing i could gleam from this, other than go nature ra ra ra, is that cripples are useful members of society too. we al know thats not true though.

hahaaaaa! ok now i saw it, and i will be a baby aswell.

i think its revolutionary cause its the most expensive furry fan fare ever. didnt know cameron was into that sort of stuff.

them characters totally look like furry art from deviant art. slender muscular gay looking. they was even making out there towards the end.

The HD trailer on Apple is amazing, but I didn't see anything real new unless he waited 14 years for more realistic CGI...

Looks interesting enough, so I will see it, but why have people been freaking out about it? I've only just heard of this movie.

Final Fantasy with blue pointy-eared dudes.

James Cameron, you have me again. Anyone who can appreciate good film, will be able to appreciate this.

I have heard several times that Cameron is hard to work with, but each time those same people say that there is no doubt that he knows what he is doing. Just look at all of his titles from the first to now.

I can not wait to see this.


Well first of all, at 47 jeff LOL hahahahahahahaha :)

i dont know i see both points, i see the point of the people that like it and i also see how bad it could be, ok let me explain,
this is a trailer for the internet, crappy youtube, myspace, trailer addict etc, so im thinking James CamEron had to obviously anticipate this, so this might have been made to show us the preview of the movie, but like some of you said is not gonna show the groundbreaking effects, unless you see it in the theater and 3D, so there are some hopes, also we dont know anything about the story, it looks familiar but who knows, story wise james cameron is ALWAYS GOOD!

but at the same time, i dont know i expected something better, i really hope that the movie will be amazing in the theater, but if is the same as this trailer, if not much changes then it would be EPIC, BUT AN EPIC FAIL, i dont know this seemed boring and without real emotion, at the same time since this was an alien planet they could have crated something better than a jungle, Wtf. 14 years to come up with a jungle and blue human looking people, wtf

y really really really hope this is nothing like the real movie and like i said, this was shown to give us a taste but is nothing like the real thing, because if this is the way it is, no matter how much 3D HD you put on it, is just gonna look like a really good videogame,

to think about it, JAmes CAmeron has a groundbreaker here, but for videogame effects and technology not movies

Personally, I think people who buy into 'hype' or expect anything to live up to it, are setting themselves up for a fall. Having been let down in the past, I prefer these days to hear about a film being released, maybe watch a short trailer, like this one, and then avoid as much of the hype and press and spoilers surrounding it as possible, to ensure that when I do see it, I'm seeing it without any expectations, and without knowing anything about the storyline or characters etc - that way, my opinions are not diluted by other peoples critique, and the whole experience is more exciting for it. I'll give you an example - Terminator Savation: I was completely shocked and awed to see the Arnie Cameo, as I had purposefully avoided all the 'hype'.

Yawn looks like those final fantasy films will not be seeing it

I think everyone needs to settle down on this one a little bit. I think we were shown a little too much for this to be called a teaser, but at the same time, the nature of how this teaser was presented almost sets it up for citicism.

Anything you are not familiar with looking at on a daily basis inherantly looks fake at first glance. Essentially all this teaser does, is give us rapid fire glances at otherworldly things. Therefore pretty much everything aside from people just stands out.

James Cameron isn't an idiot. Wake up peeps! He gave us Aliens, Abyss, Terminator and Terminator 2. YOU OWE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT on this one.

To me, it looks like true Sci Fi from the hands of the master. Who gives a shit how bright their skin is. The truth will be in the scenes when we see them act and react in the environment for extended periods of time.

Don't slam this because unconnected glimpses of scenese didn't make you forget they weren't real.

This movie is supposed to be 1/2 CGI 1/2 real like Beowulf. The revolutionary part is supposed to be its use of 3D which I think is impossible to see on a computer screen.

@35 Ubisoft is a no-name developer? Since when exactly? I guess that must've been before they popularized Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and all the other hit franchises that make them one of the hugest video game publishing/developing outfits on the market.

Also, since when did it utilize nothing from the movie? It's the same universe. It's just a different story thread. If there are two things that have always plagued movie games or game movies, it's trying to adhere to a story and failing or not having enough time to develop the title. They've had about two years to develop the game.

How, then, is this a recipe for a typical movie game disaster? I haven't even mentioned that this will be the first game to utilize stereoscopic 3D.

Perhaps, in the future, you should wait until you actually see or play something before you open your mouth with a retard opinion about it and make yourself look stupid.

Yeah i don't really care what everyone else has said above.. it looks great.

well.. how they move, like the facial features, stuff like that looks better then average. If the 'It's mind-blowing shit!' tagline to this refers to how they move and not how they look, then yea it's pretty good.. I can't wait to see how much better it looks on the screen *hopefully*

I seriously think some of the people that post on here just talk shit to talk shit and really have NO idea what they are talking about. Now I stand with 36 "Chango", 37 "Bobby" etc....People are going around saying "this looks doesnt look real, etc. etc. blahbity blah" well...of course it does...your brain already KNOWS its not real so thats how you are going to perceive it.

Also, I just saw the 3D 15 minute preview in Imax and I can guarantee you that IT IS MEANT to be seen in 3D. That, along with the extremely detailed CGI coupled with live action, is whats gonna be revolutionary. Until you see this in have NOOOO Idea what you are missing. Back to the CGI looking "fake" 9 didnt even get CLOSE to what this movie is bringing. You are wrong there guy...very wrong. Yes D9 looked great for 30 mil but it just doesnt compare to what you will see in this film...I PROMISE you. The detail in the facial expressions and skin is just is a picture of a close up of Zoe Saldana's character:

If you honestly can tell me that doesnt look brilliant then you are either blind, straight up retarded, or just saying it doesnt to be a troll.

Not to mention Cameron is the master or telling I said earlier...see you all in line come Dec.

@52: ditto

Looks like a mixed knockoff of Star Craft, WoW, Mech Warrior, and Star Wars.

People here are hating on this just for the sake of hating on it. Retards.

The effects look horrible...thought CGI had advanced since S.W. Episode one. The blue people look bad and not at all realistic. The effects at the beginning of the trailer looked great, then went downhill.

i like how people critic CGI as if they dominate it , i just wish they will leave their contact info so we can hire them.

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The font is in Papyrus... how ******* good can it be...

imax....and alot of weed

Almost-naked, pterodactyl-riding blue cat people? Sounds like a furry porn setup.

In all seriousness, It looked good, but not mind-blowingly spectacular. However, I have yet to see it on a theatre screen in 3D, so I'll hold off on the judgement until then.

I watched this trailer and went "wtf this isn't avatar like the series?" After seeing the trailer I find myself not caring about this movie. What's the point? And why the hell did they name it avatar? They made the series make their movie named "The last airbender." So much fail. Fuck this movie.

I don't understand people getting so upset over papyrus.. it's a FONT, would you have preferred arial or verdana? Anything you guys can find to nerdrage over I guess..

I haven't heard ANYTHING about this movie until this page, but from the looks of it it could be pretty sweet. The huge chucks of floating ground looked amazing, and as for the scene he got off the helicopter, it looked just as good as any other sci-fi movie to come out recently, I'd say more believable than the last star was had.

And 'halo' didn't even cross my mind, play a little much?

Must See!!


Avatar vs.Delgo
See for yourself:

See the trailer for Delgo here:

Not a bad movie BTW.
Also, Delgo was probably made for less than 2 weeks of Avatar's buget.

I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin'...

@Mark Kahuna , oh dear looks like more stupid americans hitting at a movie most of them have never heard of, did any of you even go to avatar day? guessed not. to put a long story short it was incredible, the cgi was beautiful and the 3D element was incredible. face it Avatar = best. film. ever.
and if you can't accept that than go back to drinking moonshine and believing religion. so there.
(ps most of the comparison shots looked nothing like each other, and whoever bothered to make them has less of life than you.)

@ 76 MK - Actually the Avatar stuff was more detailed. Still just looks like a cartoon, though. Of course I'll watch. J. Cameron very reliable.

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