Aug 21 2009'Avatar' is Basically 'Delgo 2'


Someone who did a good job noticing things has put together some side-by-side screenshots comparing the new Avatar trailer to the 2008 animated adventure Delgo, and the visual similarities are pretty astounding. Does this mean Delgo is the revolutionary game changer?

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Thats nothing..pull up the trailer or pics for TERRA....Avatar is basically the same movie. IN BOTH movies...its the Humans in their military machines try a hostile takeover of a peaceful colorful planet..and they fight back. Way too similar.

IM sorry..I meant "Battle for Terra". These movies look like rip offs of eachother

Funny, but Avatar is at least looking technically superior... by a lot. That CG is at least twice as good in Avatar.

Damn, do people always that if someone has kind of a similar idea, that they stole it from someone?

1) No one's ever seen a floating continent before? 2)The second shot is group is seriously trying to compare two characters looking up even though they look nothing alike. 3)The next shot is two monsters. How else are you going to show a monster and a character in the same introductory frame? 4) The one with the floating things is going to look the same because if something floats, you need something to catch the air. Turns out, both stole the idea from FFX
5) After that, is a shot of both movies flying on bird things. I have to say it does look pretty similar so I'm not going to comment on this except that if they're up in the air and both have floating rocks, and that shot looks dramatic then there. 6) I've seen this shot of someone standing over a dead character a million times. 7) Same exact thing with the two holding each other. 8) Oh shit, a roaring monster! 9) The last one isn't even the same. It's got the blue guys from Avatar standing around yelling, and the other movie has guys marching.

I'll give them the flying birds and the floating rocks scene, but I could make this same comparison to one of the Star Wars prequels (Episode II most likely) or Final Fantasy X or XII. Anyone remember Ferngully?

Worse than that. That whole Avatar concept was done in the book Old Man's War by John Scalzi.

I can't base how good an idea is all on the fact that it may or may not have been done before...because who knows. Maybe this is the best attempt yet, and then it will be the standard. Yet I will say, the trailer doesn't really have me hooked. Cameron can tell a hell of a story, so I am hoping that's what's so great about it.

Hasn't AVATAR been in production for like twenty six years? This shit came out last year? Wut.

I'll admit that the stories are similar but it's hard to tell if anything was stolen from anyone else because these ideas have real life parallels. There are a lot of fictional stories just like this too by the way.

Yens commenters are missing the point of the comparison. The similarities aren't funny because Cameron stole or copied his imagery from Delgo - movie-makers recycle such elements all the time. The comparison is noteworthy when you take in consideration the lavish praise and expectations placed upon Avatar. Some commentators have gone so far to say that this movie will usher in a new era of filmmaking. Senor Iwatchstuff simply poses the question: How can a film be so revolutionary when it looks only a half-a-step better than a 3rd rate, animated flop?

Here is a great article written about the odd "fanboyism" going on about Avatar. I suggest you read it. It's not long.

BTW, I found this through Twitter. It's not advertising. Though, you can hate on me for using Twitter, I don't mind.

uhh am I the only one who can see the difference here?
Delgo looks like some bad video game cinematic.
Avatar looks like a multi-million dollar movie.

hahaha nice. i thought the same thing when i saw the avitar trailer but i thought that delgo movie looked retarded to so i couldn't remember the name of it.

Saw the 3D teaser today and it definitely makes a difference. I was very skeptical seeing the 2D two minute trailer as the graphics looked so-so. Seeing it on the IMAX in 3D and seeing more than the 2 minutes definitely makes a difference. Why don't people hold out for the whole movie before they start comparing it to other movies. I could probably cut up Happy Gilmore to look like Avatar too.

both Avatar and Delgo look very similar to the Pornomation movies. perhaps both films unknowingly created/crafted their central characters based on animated CGI porn... just perhaps.

sure, what we know of the avatar plot is pretty basic. similar to many things we've seen before. good thing we don't go out to see the basic plots of movies. we would have only enjoyed like 5.

also, people are really jumping the douche-bag gun by ripping on the films effects, when A. they do look really good, and B. the whole "revolutionary/game changing" buzz has been about the new 3D technology they developed. if you really expected your 2 minute, 2D trailer on your crappy computer screen to blow you away with it's new technology, well then you're totally stupid.

Agreed with Kzoohardyboy. I was made very cautious by the trailer online, but seeing the 16 minute preview in full IMAX 3D blew that skepticism away.

Im with 17 and 14....I saw the preview in 3D Imax and its NOTHING like this 2D, downgraded minature computer trailer you all have been watching. This goes to you too "Iwatchstuff' writer. This movie WILL be a game changer. I have seen it in havent....and until you have I would keep your mouth shut cause once you wont be able to pick it up off the floor. Its like being awake in a are so immersed in the world you forget you are watching a movie.

Now as for the comparison...I would say thats pretty fucking stupid. Delgo looks like, what someone already said, cut scenes from a 1998 Playstation video game (in terms of quality). Now as for the pictures...i wont go through each one since someone already did but he's pretty much correct. Like you guys havent seen floating rocks and cities before? Um...I believe the game CHRONO TRIGGER had a world where everything was built apon floating rocks, etc. And that shit came out in 1995!!! So if I wanna be a fuckin douche I can say "Delblow" ripped off CT. And standing over a dead we havent seen that a million times...and screaming at person....seen it a million times.....etc. etc. People trying to point this out as being a Delblow ripoff are just trolls that have no idea what they are talking about.

See you in December.

did you even see the avatar day trailer in 3D? it was amazing and if you had seen it you wold know that it DOES look like a revolutionary game changing film, andby the way avatar and delgo look nothing like each other

Hmm.. the dragon in the second to last screen shot looks too similar. Notice the horn/beak thing going on above the mouth... both of them have that going on. Nice. :P

Wow some people are even more blind then me. That is saying alot since I have one fake eye. He is not ripping off any other story but no story is its own. Every story has been told before, so he is trying to take us with him this time. If you look closely at the details. You can see how different the effect are from any thing we have seen before. Like the most telling part of the trailer is when he first wakes up in the avatar. You can see the detail in his feet and hands you can also tell who he is by the fact we saw it very stillborn just before hand. So the actors give them life you can look at the avatar and tell what actor it is. It may not be mind blowing but its the best effects we have see in a while. D9 only looks better since it is easy to do hard shelled body's.

sounds like someone has too much time and really likes delgo.

you can probably do the same with most movies, i can probably sync up shots from transformers to this. maybe even saving private ryan, or lion king. it means nothing to me.

i know i saw the trailer on the big screen and it does look better on the big screen visually. but that doesnt change the fact that it still reminds me of furries. that is what is getting to me.

Read "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell. Stories are all basically a few things, using common themes, universal themes, etc. I'd have compared FFX, Mononoke, or several other movies before Delgo. Seriously, it's like being suprised they use cameras to film movies. It's that level.

There's nothing new in both these movies, in terms of thematics. There's not much new in terms of themes really. Man vs. nature. Underdogs vs evil large group.

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but we're telling the same stories over and over again. Everything's derivative, that's why when something comes along that's different, it's groundbreaking. That's why color palette's are similar, camera usage is similar, and well...a lot of stuff is similar.

Alien, took sex, death, birth, and put it together in the most horrific scene in cinema history. Then you get derivatives. "how many different ways can an alien gestate and exit out of someone in the most horrible manner possible?"I'm not sure, but we may have exhausted that trope.

As far as looks, I don't think this movie looks anything like Delgo, except in solid fundamental principles of photography, and framing a shot. And if you're going to compare subject matter, really...ok....but Delgo is not the first I'd pick, and it's in a long line of movies/games/stories that have already been told in a myriad of different ways.

The article is underwhelming at best.

That's also why the line "Somebody did a good job noticing things..." is ridiculous. They obviously didn't, if Delgo is the first thing they compare it to.

Anniahlat3r posted the Avatar script. Note the similarities to Delgo.

BULL$HIT... that Delgo was a suck ass shity excuse for a kids movie there is know way you could compare it to Avatar. when I watched it the first time I thought the blue guys looked more like the Draenei from WoW, I don't bring my mind to dark places like Delgo, you people are sick!

I dont see how you can say these two movies are similar, they may be similer in looks...kinda, i dont really see how flat noses make two movies rip offs of each other, and the story line is common good guy vs. bad guy, one bad guy joins the good guys, gets the girl, and lives happily ever after

wow , too bad avatar is starting to break records at the box office or we would actually have to take your article seriously!

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