'Astro Boy' Trailer: What a Great or Despicable Character

August 11, 2009


Sometimes you can gauge how great a movie character is by how much you wish you could somehow actually be them. Characters like Indiana Jones and Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters were some of my favorites as a kid--men who, despite their obvious flaws, I always wished I could somehow become--and they've remained favorites of mine today.

Watching this trailer Astro Boy, I was surprised to find some of those same feelings of wishing I could be a character popping up when I'd see the eponymous android zipping through the sky. Only, now they were different. Now that I'm getting older, starting to fear aging, my wish comes not out of respect or admiration for the character but out of jealousy that this little asshole is perpetually youthful and super powerful. Because fuck you, Astro Boy. Who are you to be so awesome? In fact, my second wish, if I can't be him, would be to destroy him, so that I wouldn't ever have to see him flying around being awesome and young until the day I die.

So I guess maybe he's not so much a great character as an enviable character who needs to either be destroyed or become me somehow.

I don't know where I was going with that, so anyway, here's the trailer:

God, he has all these friends too. Of course he does.

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