Jul 27 2009Some Sort of Batmen Movie Might Be Coming Out Soon!


Hey, you like that Batman movie that was so popular last year? Then you might want to know that, speaking at a Book of Eli panel at Comic Con this weekend, Gary Oldman slipped up/completely made something up and answered a fan's question about a third Batman film. Regarding when it would start shooting, Commissioner Gordon said:

"The next 'Batman' is shooting next year. It's at least two years away."

Good news for both Batman fans and British tabloids, who now have a time frame in which to set their ridiculous, invented casting rumors. "Rick Springfield has been cast a Mr. Freeze in the new Batman film" will sound so much more legitimate when they add "which is shooting in 2010."

(Thanks, Jacqueline Hyde.)

Gary Oldman says next 'Batman' movie shooting in 2010 [Hitfix]

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Elijah Woods is gonna be Robin.

Someone told me that they read about a rumor that Mo'nique is going to be Catwoman.

Thanks, Chris, for not being a fag and going First!

No thanks needed. Anyone with any shred on integrity knows not to post "First!" Now you have permission to laugh at the concept of integrity on the internet.

I heard that the hot girl from accounting is going to wear the catwoman costume. Hey, a guy can dream, right.

Oldman was misquoted. Here's what he actually said [from Dark Horizons]:

"During 'The Book of Eli' panel yesterday at the San Diego Comic Con, a fan asked Gary Oldman about the status of a potential third 'Batman' film with Christopher Nolan at the helm.

"A nervous Oldman gave the surprising response that it'll begin filming next year prompting a wave of articles from the geek community that the news was set and locked.

"It ain't that clear though as in press interviews with iF Magazine a few hours later, Oldman was asked about what he said and he responded 'Someone asked me [about the third BATMAN film] and I said, "I don’t know, next year? Two years away? It could be three years away."'"

Nathan Fillion should be Robin, only as Nightwing! Anything else would be a complete FAIL!

Must See!!


Christian Bale totally ruins these movies for me. Heath Ledger's scenes made the last one watchable - but barely. Two-face was a joke. Batman was a joke. Morgan Freeman playing the wise old sage for the hundreth millionth time was a joke.

Methinks Mr. Jones needs a thesaurus.

I think John Malkovich should be the riddler and Chyna should play blaine.

Can we just give up on the live action Batman movies already?

"Mediocre" is about as good as any of them has been.

Man, I don't get this Dark Knight backlash, That shit was fantastic, and I can't wait for Nolan to get to work on the next one. Sure the Bat-voice was dumb, but otherwise Bale has been a great Bat.

Yea Bale is doing pretty good. I understand that the voice was a little over the top and got kinda...bad towards the end of DK but would you rather have clooney or Val Kilmer reprise the role? Hell, if that's the case Vin Diesel should play batman and there can be a ten minute race sequence between him and paul walker who could play catwoman and he drifts the batmobile into the catmobile and walker flies out the windshield then vin walks up while walker is on the ground and nails one of his cheesy lines like "looks like the cat's out of the.....car." Yea I'd pay 15 bucks to see that in 3-d. Bring your mother there.

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