Jul 13 2009Ryan Reynolds is Your Green Lantern


Ryan Reynolds, the man currently set to star in Deadpool and who was last seen pretending he was engaged to Sandra Bullock, has reportedly been cast as Green Lantern in Martin Campbell's adaptation of the superhero property. Early Friday reports claimed the casting race was down to three--Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Timberlake--but by the end of the day the studio realized that every time they brought up Timberlake someone would shout, "Are you fucking serious? Justin Timberlake?", and Reynolds ended up winning the part.

How will this affect the longtime, fan-approved rumor that the actor would be playing The Flash? I still wouldn't completely discount the idea. DC's silver age heroes are all the same strong-jawed face with different haircuts anyway; wouldn't casting Reynolds as every one of them actually be the most authentic casting possible? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make an all-Reynolds Justice League movie--Eddie Murphy style!

(Thanks, various people who sent this in.)

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Geeeeez look at the guns on him!

Also, I think that is the longest hyperlink eva.

Ryan Reynolds is not a good choice for Green Lantern. He's Deadpool.

Actually... ya know... Timberlake probably would be better casting for The Flash than Reynolds... not that he'd ever be the first choice.

wait a second....He's not Nathan Fillion!

Isn't this a conflict of interest? Deadpool is Marvel, Green Lantern is DC. Not to mention Ryan Reynolds is a douchebag.

I actually think Timberlake would have been better. He was surprisingly good in Alpha Dog, and Ryan Reynolds, while being female eye-candy, isn't the best actor out there.

This movie officially tanked before they bought the film for the cameras

yeah, I'm with DannyE on this. Non-Fillion FAIL

He's a Jason Lee for ladies too young to care about Mallrats.

I read that he was going to be Ant-Man. Wait! Where did I read that?!?

I was going to complain about him being every superhero, but that's a good argument.

Nathan Fillion can be Hawkman - aww who cares anymore. sigh.....

WOOOO I am a GL fan and I approve this casting decision. I would be happy with Michael Rosenbaum as a live action Flash though so my opinions only kinda matter to me

Gay. One of my favorite characters, but I won't even bother. I can't stand that douche.

Cooper would have been a better pick for GL, and Reynolds for Flash. Also, no idea how they'll pull off a good Deadpool movie since X-Men Origins gave the character a million powers that Deadpool isn't supposed to have...AND SEWED HIS FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!!! (easy enough to cut it open, I suppose...but katanas in his arms!?)

Also, Justice League ain't never going to work out like they're planning to make Avengers. Christian Bale will never do it and the world doesn't need yet another actor to play Batman and/or Superman (anybody remember Brandon Routh?)

Why would anyone see a DC movie anyways? regardless of cast.

we all saw TDK didn't we? Nobody saw Delgo though

I believe the number 3 wasn't Justin Timberlake, but Jared Leto

dudes yahoo was trying to say Reynolds was the 1st to play a characters in both DC & marvel but i believe, correct me if im wrong, HALEY BERRY is the 1st with catwoman and storm lol FACE

Jim Carrey impersonator as Green Lantern. ALLLLRIGHTYTHEN!

Fucking superfriends!! (spoken with sinestro voice)

Marvel screwed up Deadpool quite badly, Reynolds was a huge dissapointment due to the bad script. He'll make a decent Hal Jordan. Time for DC to show that Marvel characters are 2nd grade!

check this out guys: http://tinyurl.com/qk8gdb

I thought the green lantern was black!!

not really a big DC fan having only watched episodes on cartoon network but I think the Green Lantern is black so whats up with the casting!

never mind looked it up on Wikipedia I understand now! I really want a Static Shock movie though. That was the best DC character ever

ok did everyone forget there were two Marvel movie stars in DC movies in Halle Berry as Storm-Catwoman and James Marsden as Cyclops-Richard White

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Dar and Kiara : There are like 3000+ green lanterns active....

John Stewart ( the black guy ) is ONE of the 4 earthmen who are green lanterns. Hal Jordan ( Reynolds ) was the first. Then shit happened. John Stewart became one, Guy Gardner became one too, and last but not least : Kyle Rayner

so yeah .... the FIRST and original green lantern is Hal Jordan

its his wife thats the douche not ryan...

cant believe he married her ugh....shes not even pretty he was so better
off with alantis

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