Jul 20 2009'Prince of Persia' Posters: Jake Gyllenhaal Wants to Believe


Both evocative of The X-Files: Fight the Future and some kind of Arabian Nights-themed unisex cologne. Well done, Disney. Once I figure out the right image isn't the cover of a fashion magazine called "DESTINY," I'll probably be really excited to see this movie.

High-res versions here.

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OK, the mouseover borders/header that auto-load a nearly fullscreen Coraline menu-thing overtop of the articles?

Yeah, you need to get rid of those.

@1 Ditto. Completely annoying. Sort of like this movie is going to be.

I love I Watch Stuff. I read it everyday. Also, The Superficial is really good too. I like the mix of sarcasm and self-depreciateing humour. My favourite all time post was 'Thundercats Join a Band' (http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2006/08/thundercats_join_a_band.php)

"Oh, and give Mum-Ra some f***ing wings, for god's sake."

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Dr Josh

Seems exciting and I think I'm going to watch this movie. Jake got a great body and his acting is superb as always but I'd be more happy if he'll be doing Everquest movie and portray a monk character, oh I can't imagine the settings of that movie if ever.

those posters typography are just awful.
you can't go to school to learn graphic design.
become a engineer... damn it

wow... just wow... this is bad..

Man, I'm so sick of gritty black and white photography with spot reds. Thanks for ruining movie posters forever, Frank Miller...

So is this movie going to be like the game - where if you don't like a scene, you can rewind it and have a do-over?

The thing is, like the game, you have a limited amount of do-overs. So I get the feeling that this movie wouldn't have 1,000 rewinds.

The one with jake looks pretty good i don't know what you guys are talking about. The Destiny one looks like it would help me out in "how to find out if my man is cheating" or any other typical random cosmo article.

So, who is his love interest in this one? The King of Persia?

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